For many people growing giant vegetables is an obsession. Perhaps you’ve gone to an agricultural fair and seen the giant pumpkins that people have grown. I’ve done a lot of gardening in my life but I’ve never intentionally tried to grown giant vegetables.vegetables


This is not to say that I haven’t ended up with some pretty giant vegetables in my garden, mostly giant zucchinis. No matter how carefully you check under the leaves and try to pick all the zucchinis while they are small they have a tendency to stay hidden. All of a sudden you check the garden and find a very large zucchini sitting there.giant vegetables


Some of the large zucchinis I will chop up and make relish, zucchini cake or muffins. Occasionally they will end up in the compost pile. When we used to have chickens they would always enjoy it when I cut open a large zucchini for them to enjoy.giant vegetables


If you plan on saving seeds you may find yourself growing much larger than normal vegetables. For example cucumbers must be grown past maturity if you plan to save the seeds. You actually want the cucumbers to turn almost yellow before you can harvest the seeds.saving cucumber seeds


Other vegetables like the Gete okosomin grown quite large on their own. I was amazed at how large my friend Dave grew his squash!Gete okosomin


Growing giant vegetables involves having good seed, plenty of water and fertilizer and good soil in your garden. You also have to keep an eye on the various buys and animals that can attack your plants. If you pay close attention to those details you should be able to grow some giant vegetables of your own!pumpkins, fall harvest


If you are interested in growing extremely giant vegetables during your next growing season there are a few things to consider. Hare a few tips for you.

The Weird & Wonderful World of Giant Vegetables

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