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During the winter, a lot of things change. People crave more soups and roasts, and less smoothies. You might find yourself favoring a different path to work to avoid bad road conditions. And of course, there’s the winter fashion. But few of us think to change up our beauty regime to suit the changing weather.The Wintertime Beauty Routine Shift


Here are some ways that your routine can adapt to winter for better health and a more beautiful glow.


Incorporate Some Easy Exercises


Even if you’re not a big gym buff, consider incorporating more exercises and stretches into your daily routine in the winter. Winter is a dangerous time for injuries at any age. The cold weather makes us all stiff and brittle, which increases our chances of falling, straining muscles, and spraining joints. Additionally, the more sedentary lifestyle of winter usually makes us add on a few unwelcome pounds. Consider adding simple exercises to your morning or evening routine in order to keep muscle tone and to stay healthy and agile in the winter. This could be as simple as sun salutations in the morning, or a few reps of situps, lunges, and pushups while you’re watching tv in the evening.


Pamper Your SkinThe Wintertime Beauty Routine Shift


Skin takes a beating in the winter. If it’s not the general dryness, there’s also windburn and sunburn to worry about. And as we all know, healthy skin is the most important part of any makeup routine.


So, make sure that you take note of the most common problem in the winter for your skin, and treat it. For most, the primary problem is dry winter weather. Running the heater indoors saps moisture from the air, and the cold weather strips us of the usual natural defenses that we have against dryness. Counter the dryness by exfoliating once a week in the shower, and treating your skin at night to extra moisture with some soothing face lotion.


Don’t forget to wear SPF lotion during the day. Although winter often seems like the least likely time to get a sunburn, the sun’s rays can be reflected and magnified by cloud cover and the snowy ground. For more information about common winter skin problems and their solutions, check out this helpful post.


Find Creative Solutions for Your HairThe Wintertime Beauty Routine Shift


Hair is another beauty trial in the winter that can be hard to deal with. Again, there’s increased dryness. But then you add the challenges of hat hair, wind, and sleet, and you have a month full of bad hair days. Unless you start getting a little creative. Here are some ways to roll with the punches that winter throws at you.


  • Emphasize your curls. Find a hair treatment that will emphasize and define your natural curls or waves instead of overdoing the flatiron to try to shame your frizzy hair into submission. After all, even if you get your hair properly straight, a little bit of drizzle could ruin it before you even make it into the office.
  • Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This can make or break your winter hair health.
  • Don’t let the water get too hot. When the weather is cold, it’s tempting to turn the water as hot as you can get it, but resist! Hot water can strip your hair’s outer lipid layer that makes it glossy and smooth. Instead, use warm water.
  • If a dry scalp and frizzy hair is a frustrating and constant complaint of yours, look into investing in an oil treatment. There are lots of at-home options that will leave your hair smooth and glossy for weeks afterward.
  • The good news about winter is that when worst comes to worst, you DO have the option of just donning a hat for the day. Get yourself a loose-fitting beanie that looks fashionable and comfortable indoors.


Embrace Bold Colors


Winter is a season where most of us hibernate our fashion. After all, if your ensemble is covered under the same three sweaters or jackets every day, it stops getting interesting. However, winter is also a time when bright pops of color are more fashionable – whether that’s in your clothing choice, or in your makeup. Sure, stick to somber neutrals for the most part, but don’t forget to embrace some fun adventures with color. Get yourself a dramatic scarf, a bright berry lipstick, or try those smoky eyes out for a daring look.


Guest post by Christine H.

2 comments on “The Wintertime Beauty Routine Shift

Nancy on January 17, 2017 7:39 pm

I use a cool mist vaporizer this time of year to get some moisture in the air. I also switch to a heavy night Cream, helps a lot…

Nancy Wolff on January 18, 2017 2:39 am

We couldn’t get through the winter without our cool mist vaporizer! Our winters are so dry!!

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