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My husband and I are now empty nesters! No longer am I busy trying to feed four children at every meal, instead I am only cooking for two. So why have a well stocked pantry?

First of all we live in a rural area and it is at least a twenty-minute drive to a small grocery store. To go to one of the large chain stores or even a “box store” like Costco or BJ’s is a forty-five minute drive. When you have a well-stocked pantry you never need to worry about making those unexpected trips to the grocery store.pantrystock

Once you know your prices by keeping track of them in your price book you can begin to buy in bulk and work toward having a well-stocked pantry. Once you have a well-stocked pantry you will only need to stop at the store for produce, milk and the unbeatable sale that you can’t pass up. Stocking up saves money.

When planning to buy in bulk you must know the options for food buying in your area. Aside from the local grocery store there may be food co-ops, warehouse stores such as BJ’s or Sam’s or even local farmers. Be aware of the loss leader sale items, which appear on the front and back of sale flyers. These are meant to get you into the store and will usually beat any price in a wholesale store. Again, it is important to know your food prices so you can find the deals.

grocery store, bulk buying, prudent living

When buying in bulk, it is important to know your prices!

Bulk buying isn’t just for large families either; you just want to buy enough to get you to the next sale. Each family will buy according to their need. Be aware of expiration dates as well, no point in having a pantry stocked with items that are no longer good to eat! Buying in bulk will give you a well-stocked pantry. There are many reasons to have a well-stocked pantry.

We have learned the lesson of why you should have a well-stocked pantry several times! One year we had a houseful of company and we were hit with a terrible flood, all the roads were washed out and we couldn’t get to the store if we wanted to! We were blessed to have a well-stocked pantry. We ate well that week without having to worry about getting to the store.

Irene, flood damage, preparedness

Road damage limited travel.

Another time my husband was laid off from work and it was six months before he found another job. It was a good feeling to know that we could eat from our pantry and spend a minimum amount on groceries during that time of unemployment.

Make it your New Year’s resolution to stock up your pantry and be prepared for whatever 2015 has to bring!

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