Recently a friend of mine asked me what to do with shredded wheat crumbs? In our house that had never been an issue, you just ate them with the last bowl of cereal out of the box. However, in her house no one would eat them so she asked me what I would do with them.

You know the old saying “waste not, want not”, I decided to do a little online searching and see what other folks did with the left over crumbs. Apparently lots of people have this problem because there were certainly a lot of suggestions!

One suggestion was to mix the crumbs with a little butter and bake on top of a fruit dessert.

crisp, apples, cranberries

There is actually a middle eastern dessert called Kataife that uses loose shredded wheat rehydrated with sugar, walnuts, cinnamon and a few other ingredients. Normally this dish is made with a kind of dry baked noodles but apparently people use shredded wheat crumbs as well.

Use the shredded wheat crumbs the next time you make banana bread

Best Ever Banana Bread

Make Shredded Wheat Bran Muffins  – This muffin recipe is delicious and makes a good use of the shredded wheat bits at the bottom of every bag.

Apparently there are many ways to use up those shredded wheat crumbs so that there is no excuse for throwing them in the trash.

Have you ever had a problem knowing what to do with shredded wheat crumbs or do you have a favorite recipe you make with the left over crumbs. Usually we enjoy homemade granola or oatmeal and I don’t purchase many boxes of cereal. However, the next time I have some left over shredded wheat crumbs, I’ll certainly have a few ideas now on how to use them up!

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