Seattle, Washington is one of our most favorite cities to visit.  Not only do I enjoy spending time with our children who have all relocated to the west coast, but the scenery in so beautiful, no matter where you are! Exploring Seattle and the surrounding areas is always fun!Seattle Glass

There wasn’t time to explore many parks or gardens but we did spend a beautiful day at Mount Rainer National Forest. I had to laugh as both my daughter and son-in-law told me it was pretty much a flat hike and no need for hiking boots! Perhaps it was a flat hike by west coast standards but I would not have classified it as a flat hike.Flat hike Regardless the sights were amazing. Everywhere you looked you were surrounded by beauty.Mt Rainier The day was gorgeous and we could even get glimpses of Mt. Rainier peeking behind the clouds.Mount Rainier I constantly felt like I was in the middle of a Sierra Club photo!Mt Rainier

I love exploring the sights around Seattle. Gig Harbor is one of my favorite spots. It is fun to see the creative ways folks move water!Gig Harbor

There is always time to explore Pike’s Market Place. Who can resist the bouquets of flowers for only $5.00?!Pike's Market We also enjoyed walking through the Sculpture Garden.Sculpture Garden Hard to believe you are right in the city!Sculpture Garden

Counting the days till our next trip to the Pacific North West!Washington colorsLinked To: WeeklyTopShot, CleverChicksBlogHop, WordlessWednesday, OutdoorWednesday


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