Recently we spent several weeks visiting New England. Although I have lived in several different areas of the country I was born and raised in New England and for me it will always be home.

What do I like about New England? I love the old homes that you see walking around our hometown of Guilford, CT. Imagining what it must have been like to leave your homeland for a new country and settling in an unknown country.

I also love the water. I was raised on salt water and am very comfortable swimming and boating on the water. My husband was also raised knowing how to use boats, both sailing and motorboats. He is happiest when on the water!

Spending time on any body of water is special and appreciated. Whether enjoying an afternoon with friends on a lake or relaxing at the beach. I just love being on the water.

Watching our grandchildren playing on rocks that have been enjoyed by five generations of my family was a memory in itself. I remember playing on these rocks as a child and then watching our children collect snails and search for crabs under the same rocks. Now my grandchildren had the opportunity to play on the same rocks! I think they could have spent the afternoon just looking for crabs and snails and small fish. It’s a special place indeed.

Of course spending time with family and extended family was so wonderful. Just all being together and enjoying relaxing time together was so special. Many memories were created and I hope the young ones never forget this special time we had together.

We tried to see as many of our friends and family that we could. Now that we live so far away I appreciate the times we can get together.

All too soon we were enjoying our last sunset on the east coast and getting ready to fly back to our home on the west coast. I love where we now call home but I will always enjoy visiting New England.

3 comments on “Visiting New England

lisa lombardo on August 12, 2019 1:27 pm

So glad you had a wonderful time! It’s always great to visit family and friends 🙂

Mother of 3 on August 13, 2019 8:28 pm

What a wonderful tribute! I live in Ct and have my whole life… I too love it (even if I’m not a big fan of winter).

Nancy Wolff on August 13, 2019 9:05 pm

Mother of 3,
CT will always hold a special spot in my heart, having spent so much of my life there! I look forward to my next visit! 🙂

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