As we near the end of the year I like to look back and review what the top posts have been. Usually I just look back one year but this year I am looking back over the last eight plus years. Here are the top posts of all times!

I have to say the most popular post I ever wrote was a post I wrote in 2013 on Restoring a Wool Sweater! I shared this tip again in January of 2015. This post is still getting comments, several of them asking me why I was washing my son’s sweater (which I shrunk), and not having my son wash it! What kind of mother was I to raise children that don’t know how to wash their own sweaters! Too funny, as they totally missed the point of the post. I was just sharing a tip on how to restore a sweater that you may have shrunk by mistake!

Another very popular post was how to repot a Peace Lily. Apparently lots of people receive a Peace Lily as a gift, often as part of a funeral arrangement. Because the plant reminds them of someone they recently lost they want to make sure the plant does well.

spathuphyllum tango, houseplants, repotting

Many of the popular posts have to do with preserving vegetables from the garden. I have written on Freezing Strawberries, Preserving Leeks as well as Identifying and Preventing Pantry Pests!

Other very popular posts had to do with the garden. How to start seeds indoors, Establishing your vegetable garden and Making a veggie hod! The Benefits of Growing Your Own Garden was another very popular post.

Several years ago I was given seeds from the Gete okosomin squash. At the time these seeds were not available commercially. As a result I had people writing my from all over the world requesting any extra seeds I had. Thankfully these seeds are now available from Baker’s Seeds.

saving Gete okosomin seeds

Over the eight years I have also made all sorts of homemade items. I’ve made everything from Beeswax Candles using our own beeswax to Peppermint Lip Balm. Thankful I also learned how to make hand lotion which was such a relief for dry hands. I also learned how to make my own bug spray which was so important during the buggy summers in Vermont!

beeswax candles

Over the years I have enjoyed sharing my life with my readers. Introducing you to the Wassail Parade in Woodstock, Vermont to A Walking tour of Guilford, Connecticut.

You also followed along as we tried to figure out Where to Retire and finally finding our next home in North Plains, Oregon.

Coastal Oregon

It’s been fun looking back on the popular posts of the last eight years. I’m amazed at which posts end up being so popular! I hope you’ve enjoyed this time of looking over the top posts of all times.

2 comments on “Top Posts of All Times

Margy on December 23, 2019 6:00 pm

I just did a similar thing but I only went back to 2019. My original blog goes back to 2007 with 1690 posts but I do go back once in a while and clean things up. I really should change to a new blog style but it would be so much work to resize and arrange so many posts. – Margy

Nancy Wolff on December 24, 2019 3:51 am

I’ve been having fun going back over the various posts! I have quite a few that need cleaning up I realized! 🙂

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