You may remember my post on Moving Houseplants. The houseplants were one of the last things we packed up. This was the process. The first step in getting your houseplants ready to move is cutting down on the size of the plants. Houseplants can’t be moved on a moving truck; instead they have to travel in your car.


I took cuttings of the plants I wanted to move. Instead of moving large plants I now had small pots with well-established baby plants in them. By the time we reach our destination my houseplants will be ready to be transplanted.houseplants are packed


Before we actually packed the plants I had to check to make sure that my plants can cross state lines. Many states require inspections for pants and have restrictions on the types of plants that can enter the borders.


What plants am I moving? I have several plants that I have had for years. My Hoya plant was grown from a cutting from my mother’s plant. It is such an easy plant to grow and rewards me with beautiful blossoms each year. I took several cuttings from my Hoya plant and it will be making the move. I plan to do the same with my aloe plant. I will just transplant a few babies and get rid of the mother plant.moving houseplants


I also have two Christmas cactus plants that are rather special. One is from a very large plant my grandmother-in-law had. This plant was so large it sat on a dining room table and took up the whole table. I think every family member has a cutting from that plant. So like the Hoyas and the aloe I will take cuttings and start a new plant. The last remaining plant is a Christmas Cactus that was my mother’s. Luckily the plant is not that large and I plan to move the whole plant.houseplants are packed


Once we got our closing date I moved the cuttings into their traveling pots. I found several square plastic pots that would fit together in the container I would transport the plants in. Just before getting in the car I gave all the plants a good drink of water.houseplants are packed


This week we arrived in our new home. As soon as we arrived the plants were promptly unpacked. It may take them a few days to recover from a cross-country move but they all should do fine in their new home!

One comment on “The Houseplants Are Packed

Daisy Debs on October 10, 2018 5:21 pm

Wow ! I am so proud of you ! lol ! 🙂

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