Enjoy the long-term benefits of gratitude with the blessing jar.The Blessing Jar


Studies have shown that people who practice gratitude report experiencing more joy and pleasure, express more compassion and generosity towards others, and are even less likely to get sick.1The Blessing Jar


Here’s an easy way to capture a daily blessing reminder. Starting on January 1st write one good thing that happened to you on a card. Be sure to date each card, and then drop it into the Blessing Jar.The Blessing Jar

Here are ten ideas to inspire you and get you started:

• Something for which you are joyful
• Something for which you are thankful
• Something for which you are grateful
• Something that truly blessed you
• Surprise gifts
• Kind words from others
• Accomplished goals
• The beauty of nature
• Laugh-Out-Loud moments
• Fond memories worth saving

Then on December 31st open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you during the year. The blessing of reading the cards will surprise you. It will bring each memory alive once again for a double-blessing!The Blessing Jar


For the last two years my husband and I have been writing down daily blessing and putting them in the blessing jar. We write down anything that made us joyful, something we are grateful for, something for which we are thankful for or just a blessing in general. We have done this faithfully every day for the last two years. At the end of the year we have read all the cards over again.blessing jar


It’s a double fold blessing. On one hand it helps you to get your mind around thinking about the blessings in your life on a daily basis. When you read the blessing at the end of the year you are even more blessed! It brings back all the things you were thankful for all year.blessing jar


This year we decided to make up cards to make it easy for others to take part in the daily blessing jar. For the first time we are offering a My Daily Blessing kit that includes a jar to put all your cards in and a box with a years worth of cards to write on. Each card gives you a prompt; Joyful, Thankful, Grateful and Blessed, as well as a place to write down the date. Keep the jar in a convenient place, I would suggest near the dinner table. We usually write our card at the dinner table. If you have children at home take turns filling out the card each day.The Blessing Jar


Each kit is being sold for $45.00, which includes free shipping. The jars are mailed priority mail so if you order them soon you will have the blessing jars in time to give as a Christmas gift. Bless yourself or bless others and join us in writing down your daily blessing each day.The Blessing Jar


If you are interested leave a comment and I will send you a direct message with the ordering details. The $45 cost includes free shipping in the United States. Message me for details for shipping elsewhere.


1 Article: “Why Gratitude is Good,” from Greater Good Magazine.


One comment on “The Blessing Jar

candy on December 13, 2018 1:40 pm

We have done something similar in the past and need to do this once again. Found you on Simple Homestead Blog Hop.

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