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We are about to re-list our home with a new realtor. Hopefully this is the year we see a sale! Setting the right price and making an excellent first impression are both essential to attracting buyers so we can sell our home. Here are 10 tips to sell your home more quickly.Selling Your Home Quickly


10 Tips To Sell Your Home More Quickly

  1. The most important tip is to price it right from the start. After interviewing three realtors we chose the realtor that we thought would do the best job and price the house to sell. We don’t want to list high with the thought that we can lower the price later. If we price it too high many buyers may stay away thinking we’re not serious or we’re not willing to negotiate.


  1. We want to make a good first impression from the minute they drive in the driveway. It’s still too early to plant flowers or make sure the lawn is mowed but we can make sure the snow is shoveled and the path to the house is clear and the deck is free of snow.


  1. The Interior and Exterior should be clean and updated. We painted the exterior of the house in the fall and repainted the steps to the house. All the walls on the inside have been freshly painted and the carpeting was new two years ago. We have updated the light fixtures in the bathroom to give it a more updated look. The only thing we didn’t do is update the kitchen but the new owners will have to have something to do to make the house their own!10 Tips To Sell Your Home More Quickly


  1. As you know we have been packing and de-cluttering since the house first went on the market. The fewer things that are in the house the more open it will look. We have removed all the knickknacks and excess furniture. We have also taken down all the family photos so prospective buyers can envisions their family in the house. The only thing left to do is hire a cleaning service to do a deep cleaning.


  1. The rooms are all staged to show how they are supposed to be used; the office looks like an office, the family room looks like a family room. We do not have any odd rooms in our house where someone might wonder what it could be used for. The rooms are clean and spacious.10 Tips To Sell Your Home More Quickly


  1. We plan to make the property easy to show. We will be flexible and allow the prospective victors to visit when it is convenient for them. We also plan to leave the house when it is shown so the would be buyers can feel free to move about without feeling like intruders. This will give them the opportunity to discuss the pros and cons between themselves.


  1. We no longer have any pets but if we did we would remove them during a showing. When a prospective buyers is looking at a house they shouldn’t even know that a pet lives there.Pugs, dogs


  1. Before we even hire our new realtor we will discuss with him where the house will be listed. We want to make sure the house is listed on Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com and that the realtor will make good use of Facebook as well. The more exposure the house has, the more likely that we’ll find the right buyer.


  1. The listing should have top-notch photos. We actually rented a camera lens to take excellent interior shots. The realtor is welcome to use them or take shots of their own. Most homebuyers start their search online and decide which homes they want to look at based on the photos.10 Tips To Sell Your Home More Quickly


  1. Make sure the listing also includes photos of nearby recreation and area attractions. We have to remember that we not only selling our home we are selling a lifestyle.10 Tips To Sell Your Home More Quickly


By following these tips you should be able to sell your house more quickly. Of course real estate markets vary drastically depending on where you live. Here in Vermont sales are slow and it is a buyers market meaning there are lots to choose from.


Spring is the most popular home-buying season. The weather is good, and families with children can make a smooth transition before the new school year starts.


Questions for a Realtor

Our contract has come to an end with our current realtor and before hiring another realtor we decided we needed to do a little more research. We wanted to come up with a list of questions for a realtor. The realtor we had used previously had been dealing with too many personal issues to do a good job for us. We live in a small town so we heard about it all over the course of the year! Before choosing our next realtor we wanted to come up with a list of questions to ask so that we could insure that whoever we hired would do a good job selling our home.Questions For a Realtor



Here are the 10 questions we came up with.


  1. Experience: Length of time the agent has been working in residential real estate. We will ask about the number of homes they’ve sold in the last year and whether they specialize in buyers or sellers. Our agent should have enough sales under their belts to handle everything from the listing to the closing. You can even ask for references.
  2. Process: How will they help us? What marketing systems and approaches will they use to sell our home?
  3. Marketing: How will the agent plan to market our home? We are in a unique situation and more than likely the person that buys our home will be buying it as a second home. We need to know how the agent will market our home to the greatest number of potential buyers.Questions For a Realtor
  4. Communication: We want to hear from our agent on a regular basis. How will they communicate, by email or phone? We want to know what’s going on in the market, what other homes are selling and how our home compares.
  5. Representation: Will the agent work with both buyers and sellers? Sometimes the agent will have someone else in the office represent the buyer sometimes they handle both. What’s most important is that our agent is able to walk us through their protocol for such a scenario before an actual offer.
  6. Price Range: What is a reasonable price to list our house? Does the agent have experience working with people that are looking for homes in our price range? Can he see our property through a buyer’s eyes?
  7. Home Loans: Does the agent have a solid grasp of home financing because often loan issues can make or break a deal?
  8. Costs: What is the agent’s commission? Is he or she willing to negotiate? They may not budge, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Also ask about their cancellation policy. What happens if we find someone to buy our home? Do we still have to pay the realtor the full commission?questions for a realtor
  9. Stats: Comparative Market Analysis -What other houses are on the market in your price range? How long have they been on the market? What properties have sold in the last year?
  10. Personality/Philosophy: Do our personalities mesh? Do we want to work with someone who is known as a real shark or do we want to work with someone who is more nurturing?


Rather than hiring a realtor based on our gut feeling we want to be more prepared this time around so that our house will sell and we can make our move! Selling a home is a big transaction and we want to choose the realtor that will do the best job for us. By having a list of questions for a realtor we should be better prepared this time around.

Our house was recently listed with a realtor. It’s not the prime time to put our home on the market, but the realtor was hoping to catch the folks coming up for the ski season. They just didn’t anticipate that we would have very little snow and the ski season was nearing the end. However, the house is listed and although there is no one looking at Vermont real estate right now we still have to live as if we might have a showing any day! Maybe this spring?

Spring Shot

Spring Shot

How do you live while your home is on the market? The first step was getting rid of all the family photos everywhere so they are not a distraction. I also cleaned everything off the tops of the cupboards and the windowsills. For some reason I love having little collections displayed on the windowsills! We had one windowsill that had several decoys on it, they have all been packed away.decoys

Once those items were packed away we then began looking at what furniture we will not be moving and have either listed these items for sale or given them away. The unwanted pieces of furniture have been moved to the garage. The boxes have been moved into closets. We want folks to be able to see the house and not be distracted by our stuff!moving boxes

Our extra bedrooms now look clean and clutter free.bedroom

We also have a series of storage closets in our basement that are full of various items. One is a game closet. Another stores extra outdoor clothes such as scarves and hats and the third has the camping equipment. My next project is to decide what we want to keep and what we no longer need.storage closets

The house is constantly kept picked up. When we eventually get a phone call saying we have a showing it will be easy to get ready. I have to say this is the hardest challenge for me. I have piles on my desk of works in progress and keeping it clutter free is hard. However, I have it down to a manageable level where when we do get a showing I can easily pick up what’s on my desk and store it away for a showing. I have to admit, the less clutter there is the easy it is to keep the house clean!desk clutter

Keeping a house in show condition can be stressful. Our realtor told us it could take us three years to sell the house. Hopefully it will be sooner than that. As I pack things away knowing it could be along while before I see them again I do wonder just what I need to save!

I’m thankful as the last time we sold a house and moved we had four children ranging in age from 3 – 9 and I was homeschooling! That was a crazy time as we lived in Florida and had showings every day, luckily it was only a matter of a few months before the house sold!

Have you sold a house before? Do you have any tips to share here?

You’ve made the decision to put your house on the market. How do you get ready and what needs to be done first?

English: for sale sign

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The first step is to meet with several real estate brokers. If you meet with three different brokers they will each give you an idea of what they think your house is worth. You can then decide which person you think will do the best job at selling your house for a price that will make everyone happy. When listing your house the price needs to be realistic. The brokers will do a comparison to other similar houses nearby. By looking at what’s available they should be able to advise you on a realistic price to list your house for.

The next step is to figure out the best time of year to place your home on the market. For example very few people will put their house on the market in the weeks before Christmas. No one is out looking for real estate during the holiday season. Most people want to move during the summer when children are out of school and the school year has finished. That way they can get settled in their new home before the next school year begins.

Front of a yellow school bus.

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Some areas of the country have very hot markets right now. In Portland, Oregon a home will usually sell within a week of listing and for the asking price or higher! Here in Vermont the real estate market is much, much slower. It may take several years to sell a house and during that time you may only have six people actually come look at your home.

It’s hard not to let your emotions get in the way. You love your home, you have many happy memories of living there, you’ve improved the home and you want to make money on selling your home. You also want to walk away with enough money to purchase your next home. However, you have to be realistic and list your home for a price that will show that you’re interested in selling, and have it be in the ballpark of what people are looking for.

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