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Morning Glory Muffins

I was first given the recipe for Morning Glory Muffins from my husband’s grandmother. They were rich and delicious. Morning Glory Muffins are full of all kinds of fruits and vegetables and resulted in a wonderful muffin. This recipe, from King Arthur Flour, is a little healthier using coconut oil and whole wheat but the end Read More…

There are many ways to save money. Just search on the Internet and you will find numerous suggestions! Here are ten of the more popular suggestions on ways to save money! First recognize that God owns everything and the blessings we experience come from Him. Part of being a good steward of what we are Read More…

Place the frozen berries into a freezer container.

Are you tired of hearing about all of our blueberries yet? It’s been an abundant year for our blueberries. I have made Blueberry Lime Jam. The freezer is full of Blueberry Muffins. I also have numerous loaves of Blueberry Lemon Bread packed away in the freezer. I’ve also canned Blueberry Pie Filling. We’ve enjoyed Blueberry Crisp. and Read More…

Christmas countdown

You make a good income and you’re not really concerned about money so why be thrifty? First lets go back to the meaning of thrifty. Though the word calls to mind the frugal use of resources and careful spending, its first definition in the Oxford English Dictionary implies a healthy dose of the good life: Read More…

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