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Did you know it takes less than an hour a day to be lean, fit, alert, energetic, healthy and optimistic for decades to come?exercise

Nature is not a treadmill at the gym. It’s an ever-changing physical environment, so it should come as no surprise that a variety of different exercises and intensities do more good than a single, unvarying routine. Nature’s rule is simple – do something real everyday. Whether the exercise is long, slow and steady (an hour or two of vigorous walking) or shorter and more intense (running, swimming or using the exercise machines at the gym) is a lot less important than the “dailyness” of it, six days a week.exercise So experiment with a variety of aerobic exercise and find an outdoor sport that you like: biking, kayaking, or hiking. Keep your heart rate in the high aerobic zone at the gym and in the low aerobic zone while exercising outside and you’ll get great results.exercise

The sooner you start in life the better the payoff. It may seem exhausting to fit exercise into your crazy work schedule, but that’s looking at it backward. We are not tired at the end of the day because we get too much exercise. We are tired because we don’t get enough exercise! We are mentally, emotionally and physically drained from being sedentary. Study after study shows that we function better, with more satisfaction and less sleep when we’re fit. If you put any value at all on your quality of life, the time your spend exercising becomes a bargain.exercise

When it comes to exercise, “I can’t afford it” is not a valid excuse. Check out some of the following ways to cut your gym bills or ditch them all together by exercising at home.

Try out as many gyms as you can before committing. Most facilities will happily give you a free day or a week pass for a tryout.

If you have a local YMCA near you that may be your best gym option. It doesn’t have to be a big fancy gym, even your local fitness center may have all you need and is usually easier on the wallet.

If there is a university in your area perhaps they offer a discount for the community members.

There are also many video programs or online programs if you are committed to working out at home.

Beachbody on Demand has a wonderful selection of workouts available online or you can purchase various workout DVDs. Everything from Yoga to Hard Core!

Make a commitment to start exercising today, even a 20 minute walk each day will help your body and your mind!exercise

I don’t talk very often about my Beachbody involvement. Maybe I should? It has changed my life!

I became involved in Beachbody in February. My daughter was a coach and she was holding a 21 Day Fix Challenge group. I knew I had weight to loose and figured I could do anything for 21 days!

You may wonder what the 21 Day Fix is all about. It is not another diet, it’s about eating just the right portions, and following a simple 30-minute workout each day and enjoying a nutritious shake each day.

Three essentials, water, your meal plan and Shakeology!

Three essentials, water, your meal plan and Shakeology!

The simple eating plan takes you step by step through the process and makes portion control so easy you won’t even have to think about it. Instead you can just enjoy delicious, healthy food without counting points or calories! The simplicity of this program equals success. I started seeing results immediately!

The exercises vary each day and include total body cardio, upper body, lower body, Pilates and Yoga. In the four months I have been following this program I have lost over 20 pounds and a total of 19 inches! My clothes are now too big and I feel so much stronger and have so much more energy!

The best part of the workout is the accountability with the Challenge Groups. A Beachbody Challenge Group is a small group of like minded individuals all working TOGETHER to help each other achieve their fitness goals! We all need a push now and then and a little motivation goes a long way. By having a personal Team Beachbody coach and the support of fellow challengers you are going to get the best results from the program. These small groups are on Facebook under a private setting so only your fellow group members see what you are posting. You make the commitment to check in each day even if it is only to say you got the workout done. Over the course of the three weeks the encouragement you get from the other group members will help you finish strong and see results!

I’m so excited about the results I want to share the program with everyone! I really thought I had come to a time of my life where I was getting older and not exercising as much and the extra weight was just part of life. However it is never to late to change your habits and improve your life style. All you have to do is commit! The workouts have challenged me. In the beginning I would modify the exercises, there is a woman in the DVD who modifies all the workouts. I would follow her. Over time I have now been able to do the workouts without any problem. I’m still working on my pushups but it will come!Beachbody-challenge-

My husband, who has never exercised a day in his life has now joined me in my workouts. How exciting it is to see the transformation in his life! I now have a faithful workout buddy and we have such fun working out together.

My workout buddy!

My workout buddy!

I have now become a Beachbody coach in the hopes of encouraging others to take a step and change their lives!

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So are you ready for a challenge? Perhaps you have a vacation coming up later this summer and you want to look good in your bathing suit? Or maybe you have a class reunion this fall? Whatever the reason let me know and I will send you more information. I will be starting my own Challenge group Monday July 6th! Why don’t you join us and let me help you reach your fitness goal!

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Nancy On The Home Front

This post is a little different from my usual posts but I’m so excited I just had to share with my readers! Six weeks ago my daughter, Katie, a Beachbody coach posted a challenge to take part in a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group. Three weeks of eating healthy, working out in the comfort of your own home every day, and getting awesome nutrition with Shakeology. I had never even heard of Beachbody or Shakeology but it sounded like something I wanted take part in. After all it was only 21 days and certainly I could get through it. I had a lot of stress in my life the past two years and as a result my weight was up and my fitness level was down! I decided to accept Katie’s challenge.

Before I committed I did a little online research on Beachbody. The more I searched the more amazing stories I read. Many people going into this program only needed to lose ten pounds or so. As a middle aged woman and a  grandmother I wondered if there were even any others involved that were my age! Believe it or not there were and everyone was exclaiming how their lives had been transformed. What impressed me most about the program was that it encourages healthy eating and regular exercise. You can create a free membership to find out more.


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The program sounded like it was just what I needed. I told Katie I was in and soon received an email with the information. Katie recommended a 21 Day Fix Challenge package, which would include the workout DVD’s, the containers used to measure food, and a 30 day package of Shakeology. I was also part of a private Facebook group. The groups members were also committed to the same program and a Shakeology shake once a day. Everyday we were asked to check in the with group and keep each other accountable.

My next question was what was Shakeology?



Was this one of those programs where your meals are replaced with shakes? No, shakeology is a protein shake that is full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and protein. It’s a superfood nutrient dense shake that tastes like a milkshake, acts like a super salad and is great if you are on the go. It comes in several flavors and helps you to recover after you workouts. I have since learned they are delicious! I reward myself with a Shakeology after each workout. My favorite is chocolate combined with ½ banana and 1 cup of kale or spinach, I then either add water or coffee.Shakeology

I have also found that Shakeology helps keep my sweet  tooth at bay as well as helping to reduce any junk food cravings. My favorite time to enjoy my shake is after my workout, I find it increases my energy!

Soon my package arrived and our coach suggested we read through the eating plan and set up our meals for the first week.

My meal plan

My meal plan

I think that was the hardest part! I would plan our dinners first, then our breakfasts and fill in the rest of the day. It was strongly suggested that you eat small meals including two or three snacks each day. Once my first week was figured out, the other weeks were easier to plan. I really enjoyed having everything planned out each day. I found it very easy to follow the plan. Of course some days work easier than others, if I’m out and about I either have to get my workout done before I leave the house or when I come home.

Three essentials, water, your meal plan and Shakeology!

Three essentials, water, your meal plan and Shakeology!

The three weeks flew by I am I was hooked! I felt better, lost some weight and even more important toned up and lost inches! I am now on my second 21 Day Fix!

Enjoying my Shakeology after a workout!

Enjoying my Shakeology after a workout!

I am also a Beachbody Coach and want to inspire others and help change lives.Beachbody coach My first challenge, to help co-coach a Push To Summer Challenge with my daughter!  We already have a private Facebook page in place and space is limited. I find these groups work extremely well because although the program itself is amazing, having the accountability and support of a coach and a “team” makes a huge difference. Are you interested in joining me? If so send me a PM or email me at [email protected] and I will send you the information! It only takes 21 days to help make or break a habit. With our private Facebook Group we will encourage each other and help us stay motivated! It’s time to get fit and get moving! It may take some effort and planning on your part but we’ll be in this together as we make it fun, help each other and get ready for summer!


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