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Yesterday I shared a guest post talking about the 12 spring-cleaning chores you shouldn’t miss. Today I am continuing the discussion about spring-cleaning. Spring is always a busy time for me, it’s time to get out in the garden and start cleaning up after the long winter. It’s time to sort through my seeds and figure out what needs to be planted now!

However, with our home on the market I am finding it a challenge to keep the house in order because one of these days we’re going to get a showing! Perhaps you’ve heard of the KonMari Method? Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and author. She’s written four books on organizing and has sold millions of copies!KonMari

I was given one of her books and have only skimmed through it. She does have a lot of good ideas! She often asks you if a certain item gives you joy and if not toss it out. This has prompted several memes on the Internet!Konmari

One key point I have taken to heart is getting rid of the clutter! I’m amazed at the clutter that has accumulated over the years. Until something major happens we don’t even realize how much stuff we’ve accumulated! Planning our move is forcing me to declutter and I hope to be able to move on free from the weight of all these items that have outlived their usefulness to us.Clutter

Each week I tackle a certain area of our home. I am currently working on our family room. I keep telling myself “I want to live clutter free”. First order of business sorting thorough the boxes of children’s artwork I have saved! My husband is an artist and all four of our children inherited his talent, which has resulted in my saving way too many pieces of artwork. As I go through the box I am taking pictures of the artwork I really love and then it’s ready to be tossed. Or if I think it is particularly good I will ask our grown children if they want it!artwork

Once you have decluttered you can then organize your space so that you are left with only the items you really love. I am not quite to that step yet, but we’re getting there. At least the house is looking cleaner and less cluttered and ready to someone to come look at, fall in love and make an us offer!

Have you read any of Ms. Kondo’s books? Have you tried her method of tidying up your home?KondoMakeSpace

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