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A campfire may provide warmth and light and even heat for cooking but it is also a wonderful place around which to gather with friends. We are lucky enough to have a large flat area above our home where we have built a rather large fire pit. Whether it is just my husband and I, or a gathering of friends, one of the joys of a campfire is the atmosphere it creates.the joys of a campfire


Building the campfire is always an afternoon activity. Everyone walks into the woods collecting fallen sticks and branches. Often the chainsaw is taken out and a few dead trees are cut up to add fuel to the fire.Joys of a campfire


Long sticks are cut to provide a method for toasting marshmallows. After all it wouldn’t be a try campfire without ‘smores!


Once the fire is built, the sticks are set aide and there is an ample amount of wood to provide fuel, the chairs are set up in a circle around the fire. Just at dusk the fire is lit. Sometimes only a match is needed, but if the wood is quite wet we also have a torch that we can use to get the fire going.


Summertime is often when we have the most campfires. As the fire dies down and the stars come out it is a beautiful way to enjoy a starlit evening. In the quiet of the woods you can often hear the Barred owls or the howls of coyotes. Recently we had an impromptu gathering of friends and enjoyed a campfire under the November full moon.joys of a campfire


Before you build a campfire in your backyard make sure you know the laws of your state. In Vermont it is legal to enjoy a campfire, but if you are building a large bonfire you need a permit. WE always have a hose available but luckily we have never needed it.joys of a campfire


Sitting around the campfire with a circle of dear friends is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. The conversation is always interesting and sometimes there is even singing. Occasionally someone will ask a hard question or share an intimate detail of what’s going on in their life. The conversation just flows. The joys of a campfire are so simple… the warmth of the fire and the warmth of wonderful friendships.the joys of a campfire



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