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goal setting

January is the time of the year when folks think about the year ahead and what they want to accomplish. In the past I have written down a few goals for the year ahead but I don’t keep them in the forefront and therefore don’t actually do much to accomplish those goals. So this year Read More…

Blessing Jar

You may have seen the graphics on Facebook or Pinterest regarding a Blessing Jar or a Happiness Jar. Basically you write something down every day for a year that made you happy or was a blessing. At the end of the year you read about all the amazing things that happened. Last January first my Read More…

Winter Checklist

Sometimes I am amazed at how quickly the seasons change. It seems like just yesterday I was writing a fall checklist! Now with Christmas upon us, and January just around the corner, it’s time to prepare for winter. Have you begun your winter checklist?   Depending on where you live your winter preparations might look Read More…

Joys of a campfire

A campfire may provide warmth and light and even heat for cooking but it is also a wonderful place around which to gather with friends. We are lucky enough to have a large flat area above our home where we have built a rather large fire pit. Whether it is just my husband and I, Read More…

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