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goal setting spring 21

The year is flying by. I’m having a hard time focusing on my goals during this busy month of June! Keeping the house picked up for showings, staying on top of the gardening and getting ready for our first road trip of the summer makes it hard to focus on the goals I set in January. Read More…

Making elderberry syrup

Most people would have made their own Elderberry Syrup earlier in the season. In fact I’ve been meaning to make this Elderberry Syrup ever since a friend of mine gave me the recipe! It still seems like folks are battling various colds and flus and I figured it’s never too late.   If you don’t Read More…

baby carrots really soaked in chlorine

As spring rolls around, we start to think of being outside, enjoying the wonderful weather. Now is also the time to think about establishing your vegetable garden – it’s a wonderful way to save money, get exercise, and help your family to eat healthy. And taking care of a garden is a never-ending and rewarding Read More…

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