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Our home is usually very organized with a place for everything, and everything in its place! When we moved here almost twenty years ago we moved ourselves and rented the largest rental truck we could. Everything we owned fit into that truck. Somehow over the years we have accumulated way too much stuff!

Loosing both of my parents didn’t help as I acquired things when my mother downsized, and then again when she passed away. As we eventually anticipate a move to the west coast we realize we can’t hold on to everything. It would not be wise to pay to move all this stuff!

There are practical reasons to not have so much stuff. With less to clean around you shouldn’t have as much housework! Having more leisure time can help you live longer!

My problem is that as I’m going through the boxes I find things I have no use for such as old hand knit baby blankets that were mine as a baby! Do I really need them? Perhaps I am afraid that if I let go of an item I am throwing away the memories and connections themselves. I’m finding if I really don’t need the item I can take a picture of it and move on. I’m also passing along some of the baby items to my daughter who is expecting a baby in July!baby blankets

Cleaning out my closet was my first priority. When we arrived back home after three months away it was very easy to take a look at my closet and get rid of the clothes that I never wear. If you are having trouble in this area one suggestion is to hang all your clothes backwards on the hangers. After six months donate everything still hanging backwards! Discard everything that is outdated or worn, and get rid of unnecessary duplicates. Then the next time you go buy a new pair of pants make it a habit to remove a pair of pants from your closet!organized closet

Part of my problem is de-cluttering is the mind set that “someday I may need this”! For example I have a beautiful crystal cut glass punchbowl with at least twenty-five glasses that match the bowl. The last time I used this punch bowl was at a high school graduation party, over six years ago! Much as I love the bowl I’m thinking that if I ever need a punch bowl for some future occasion I could probably rent one!Punch Bowl

We don’t know when our home will sell or when this eventual move will take place, but I’m looking forward to working through this de-cluttering stage and learning to live with less.

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