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What To do With Food Scraps

By July 1, 2017, The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation assures that waste haulers and drop-off centers must provide food scrap collection. I am more interested in managing my food scraps at home, it is simple and low-cost, and I can make wonderful compost, which is like black gold for my garden.   The benefits Read More…

In case you’re new to composting, composting involves working with the natural breakdown of organic matter to produce nutrient-rich soil. Compost is a valuable resource to have in your garden, not only because it can help reduce waste, but also because it can improve the health of plants in your garden significantly. It can even Read More…

hostas, perennials

Deciding whether or not to tackle a gardening job yourself will depend on many things. How much strength you have, your level of knowledge, your time, and your degree of interest in taking on the project. It’s never wise to take on something you can’t finish, or you can’t do properly, because unfinished projects cost Read More…

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