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Pioneer Bread

I grew up reading Little House on the Prairie and often thought about what life was like for the early pioneers. Between 1820 and 1880 the promise of free land tempted settlers to make the perilous journey westward by covered wagons. Having made the journey by car it’s hard to imagine making the same journey Read More…

brown bread in a can

Boston Brown Bread or brown bread in a can, is an old American steamed bread, moist and flavored with rye, molasses and raisins. I grew up enjoying the wonderful flavor of Boston brown bread; my grandmother would purchase the bread in cans from the grocery store and serve it sliced for lunch. When I found this Read More…

Best Ever Banana Bread

Recently we had an abundance of bananas ripening on the counter, solution; make the best ever banana bread! This bread is best made with the ripest bananas possible. When I have bananas that we will not be able to eat I just peel them, pop them into a zip-close plastic bag and freeze them for Read More…

Spice Bread, maple syrup

 Cooking with Maple Syrup. Living in Vermont we often have the opportunity to enjoy pure Vermont Maple Syrup. In fact we have neighbors that have a sugarhouse so when we cook with maple syrup we are enjoying syrup from our mountain! Can’t get much more local than that!  Pure maple syrup is not just delicious on homemade Read More…

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