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This is an excellent year for blueberries and we have an abundance from our bushes. We’ve been enjoying them on our granola each morning but this week I decided to make this wonderful blueberry crisp. Making the toping with mayonnaise is different but really delicious! Not sure where the recipe originated as it is all Read More…

Late season blueberries are a great way to extend your blueberry production. We have a total of ten bushes, most of which we’ve had for four years. When we purchased the bushes we made sure that we had a selection that would produce the entire summer. As a result we have several early bearing bushes, Read More…

Nothing beats the taste of blueberry jam on homemade toast in the middle of winter. Brings back memories of picking those very same blueberries on a sunny, warm summer day. This recipe has a hint of lime in it, which makes it taste ever so refreshing. The recipe makes about six 8-ounce jars. Perfect for Read More…

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