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You may have seen the graphics on Facebook or Pinterest regarding a Blessing Jar or a Happiness Jar.blessing jar Basically you write something down every day for a year that made you happy or was a blessing. At the end of the year you read about all the amazing things that happened. Last January first my husband and I decided to do just that. Start a Blessings Jar.Blessing Jar


We had become discouraged, my husband had been out of work our house was on the market but we hadn’t had an offer yet and we wanted to focus on the blessings all around us and not the discouragements.


So for the last 365 days, every day we wrote down a blessing for that day. Some days were easier than others but we were able to focus on the blessings around us each and every day.blessing jar


Often it would be something simple like being thankful for modern technology, which enables us to connect with each of our children from miles away. Other times it would be for something major, a freelance job or time spent with all of our family. Each day we were able to focus on something good.


It’s amazing when you do something for 365 days you find it becomes a habit. You wake up in the morning and wonder what blessing will you find in the day?


Will we continue this blessing jar? YES! We have emptied the jar and over the next couple of days we plan to read each card aloud and remember all the blessings in 2017. We will also start once again to write down a blessing each day for the New Year!blessing jar


Have you ever tried keeping track of the blessings in your life or the things that make you happy? It is so easy to do. Find a large jar and set it in a prominent place where you will see it everyday. Cut up some small pieces of paper, just enough to write a sentence or two and get started. If you start today you will enjoy a wonderful year ahead thinking of all the blessings in your life!blessing jar





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