Almost a year ago a friend of ours that we’d known for year’s decided to start a small business. Today I am sharing Crow’s Cache, a small Vermont business. Erika started the business Crow’s Cache in November of 2018. Here are Erika’s words when I asked how the business got started, “It all happened pretty quickly! My two sisters and I had briefly started a creative endeavor called Three Sisters Guild in 2017, with each of us offering our various crafts (mine at the time being beeswax candles and lavender pillows). After we decided to disband (amicably!), I was talking with my partner one day about how I wanted to offer my own herbal creations under a personal trade name. Within a week I had come up with my name and logo, and started making a few creations to offer to people for the holiday season. I had been pursuing a path of self-study for herbalism up to that point, and decided to enroll in an online course through the Herbal Academy as well.”

I asked Erika why Crow’s Cache got started,

“I started Crow’s Cache for a few reasons. I’ve been an avid gardener for years now, growing all sorts of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I was always pretty good about preserving the fruits and vegetables— jarring or freezing, or at least getting fresh produce into the hands of someone who would do the processing! But when it came to herbal creations, I always relied on someone else. My sister and brother have both studied herbalism as well, and they had been crafting salves, tinctures, and such for family and friends. I had this block in my mind that I could never do that. I admired their skills so much and appreciated the amazing products they created, but felt like I should just stick to gardening. At the same time, I was buying lots of natural bodycare products for personal use. One day, it just clicked. I can make this! I already grow all the ingredients. I already tend the bees and have access to honey and beeswax. I know exactly where it’s all coming from. I knew people would really appreciate what I had to offer, and my personal connection to each step in the process. “

What impresses me most about Crow’s Cache is the quality of the ingredients used. All of the herbs, the berries, etc. are all grown by Erika, naturally, with lots of care and zero chemicals. Erika is adamant about that, for obvious reasons relating to the health of the ecosystem and the health of people. Other ingredients are wild harvested from their abundant land in Vermont. The ingredients like coconut oil, used in the body butter, or hempseed oil used the salves, Erika buys online in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs, a company dedicated to organic and fair trade practices. 

Knowing Erika’s dad works with bees I asked Erika about working with the bees. “Yes, I work with bees. I have since I was a child, with my father, who started beekeeping when he was a boy. We have a small apiary, which through the years has ranged from 1 hive to over 10 hives, depending on the health of the bees (which is a whole different topic- the plight of pollinators right now). I use the honey and beeswax from our bees in my creations. Occasionally, I have to buy extra from another local Vermont beekeeper whose practices I know and trust.”

You may wonder what sorts of products are available at Crow’s Cache? Erika responded, ”my first year, I offered a lot of different tinctures in addition to salves, herbal body butter, and elderberry syrup. The syrup is hands-down the most popular creation. I’ve scaled back a bit on tinctures. I currently offer Tulsi Tincture, Calendula Salve, Balsam & Palo Santo Salve, Blissful Body Butter, and Elderberry Syrup. Everything I make is in small-batches, sometimes to-order. If it’s not listed as available on my website, it will be soon.”

Where did the name Crow’s Cache come from? Erika got the name Crow’s Cache in a moment of inspiration. “Crows are my favorite bird. They’re so smart and playful and resourceful, and they, like other “bowerbirds”, often create caches- hidden or secret stores of things, which they save sometimes just for pleasure’s sake, but also as resources. I’ve always been a bit of a bowerbird myself. As a child, I loved to collect pretty, shiny things in a wooden treasure chest in my room- a golden game piece, an abalone button, a silky rainbow ribbon. Any time something went missing in the house, my family knew where to find it. So, that’s me, a crow creating a beautiful, delicious cache of things for others to enjoy, to secret away for themselves in times of need. The tag line for Crow’s Cache is “crafted with magic.” Sometimes people aren’t sure what that means. For me, it’s about the intention, all the hard work and love that weaves its way into my creations. It’s about the power of plants and reconnecting with the relationship that we as people have with the earth. That’s the magic!”

Wondering how to contact Erika or place an order from Crow’s Cache? People can find Erika online at the website: or on Facebook and Instagram @ Crow’s Cache. There is a contact form on the website if you would like further information. Sharing Crow’s Cache with your friends and family is also encouraged. Stop by and visit the Facebook page and spread the word about this wonderful Vermont business.

Erika’s products sell quickly so don’t delay, check the website and place an order! Sharing Crow’s Cache has been my pleasure too, this small business is definitely worth checking out!

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Jacqueline on October 5, 2019 5:15 pm

I love elderberry syrup and picture and make it often! We grow our own berries!

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