As we near the end of February I begin to look forward to the gardening season. My garden is planned out and as of today my seeds are ordered! It will be a while, I can’t even plant anything outside until Memorial Day but my seeds are ordered! Filling my seed order is a rite of spring. Spending time in front of the woodstove looking at the seed catalogs helps me to realize that spring is coming.


Usually I start certain seeds indoors, like tomatoes and peppers. However this year I will be purchasing seedlings from our neighbor who has a good selection of heirloom seedlings. Why not support his local business?


These are the seeds I ordered this year:


Provider Bush Green Beans – Provider green beans are my favorite. They have an early yield and produce an abundant supply. Plenty of beans to enjoy and make dilly beans!seeds ordered

Masai Bush Haricots Vert – These beans will be a new variety to try in the garden. They are slow to fatten so if you miss a day picking you can still enjoy them.seeds are ordered

Lemon Cucumber – Another new plant for my garden! My daughter grew these cucumbers last year and my grand daughter loved them. Unlike traditional cucumbers these are round and yellow! Yellow cucumbers have a tender skin and are very prolific. I hope they grow as well for me as they grew for my daughter!seeds are ordered

Y-Star Patty Pan – another new variety to try! Also grown by my daughter last year with great success. Picked small for a tasty summer squash flavor with a hint of nuttiness.seeds are ordered

Jackpot Zucchini – One of my favorite zucchini. Produce high yields of long medium dark green zucchini. My problem is remembering that they do produce well and that two plants is more than enough!seeds are ordered

Long Pie Pumpkins – the description in the Fedco catalog sold me. Besides being an old heirloom variety they supposedly make the best pies! They remind me of the Gete okosomin squash I grew!seeds are ordered

Nantes Carrots – These are a favorite in my garden. They grow extremely well in our rocky Vermont soil and are so tasty.seeds are ordered

Red Ace Beets – A classic beet, which I have grown previously. These beets are an early producer with good yields.seeds are ordered

Tango Lettuce – another favorite. I usually plant several varieties of lettuce in the garden, as we love summer salads. Tango lettuce has a slightly tangy flavor, which makes it a winner.seeds are ordered

Sweet Basil – another plant I grow every year. This is the classic basil and is ideal for tomato sauces, pesto and salads.seeds are ordered


I still have quite a variety of seeds left over from last year so if I have any extra space I will probably use some of my flower seeds to add a bit of color. Have you ordered your seeds yet? What are your favorites. It’s always such a good feeling when my seeds are ordered!




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