For the last month or so I’ve been sharing how to be prepared for Christmas by doing the Christmas Countdown. You may be getting prepared for Christmas but are you ready for a stress free Thanksgiving?Stress Free Thanksgiving


Our plans have been up in the air as we figured out where we would be for Thanksgiving. Finally our four grown children decided that since this was our first Thanksgiving living in the Pacific Northwest we should all be together. We’ve spent the last few days discussing the menu and deciding who would bring what.stress free Thanksgiving


Having Thanksgiving be a group effort helps make for a very stress free Thanksgiving! The menu has been decided. The location has been determined and everyone has decided just what he or she will bring to the table.stress free Thanksgiving


When planning your menu don’t go overboard. Consider how many people are coming to the meal. Most people don’t want to over eat but want to enjoy the company of others. Include a few healthy choices for those watching their weight. Skip the fancy appetizers and just serve nuts, good olives or figs and prosciutto. Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes are another idea for a healthy choice!fun festive appetizers


Our daughter will be hosting the meal at her house and she’s has determined how many of us there will be and has put requests out for additional chairs and a folding table.countdown to Thanksgiving


By creating a game plan everyone knows what is expected of them and no has to feel stressed or overwhelmed. We can all enjoy being together for the first Thanksgiving in a long time. Remember the goal is to give thanks and  have a stress free Thanksgiving!Thanksgiving

2 comments on “Ready for a Stress Free Thanksgiving?

Dee | Grammy's Grid on November 17, 2018 10:27 am

Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving. Hope you all have a great time!

Nancy Wolff on November 17, 2018 3:34 pm

Thank you Dee,
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

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