Recently we invited new friends over for dinner, which was the perfect opportunity to make this pumpkin espresso Bundt cake! This recipe was featured on the King Arthur website and their recipes never fail. So many recipes that I make all the time are from their website!

Pumpkin Espresso Bundt Cake


1 15oz can of pumpkin puree
4 large eggs
¾ cup vegetable oil
1 cup brown sugar
¾ cup sugar
1 tsp. homemade vanilla
2 cups white whole wheat flour
2 tsp. Baking powder
½ tsp. Baking soda
1 ½ tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Salt


1/3 cup brown sugar
1 Tbsp. espresso powder
½ tsp. Cinnamon


1/3 cup strong brewed coffee
1/3 cup sugar
1 ½ Tbsp. rum, optional


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Make the cake. Beat together the pumpkin, eggs, oil, sugars and vanilla in a large mixing bowl until well blended. Stir in the flour, baking powder, baking soda, spices and slat until smooth. Set aside.

Make the filling. Whisk together the brown sugar, cinnamon, and espresso powder in a small mixing bowl. Set aside.

Assemble the cake. Thoroughly grease a 10-cup Bundt pan. Spoon 1/3 of the cake batter into the bottom of your prepared pan. Sprinkle half the filling on top. Spoon another third of the batter into the pan and sprinkle with the remaining filing. Spread the remaining batter on top, smoothing it with a spatula.

Bake the cake for 55-60 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Remove the cake from the oven, and allow it to cool in the pan for 15 minutes before turning it out onto a rack to cool completely.

While the cake is baking, make the glaze by whisking together the coffee, sugar and run. If the coffee isn’t hot enough to dissolve the sugar, heat briefly, stirring until the sugar dissolves.

Brush the glaze evenly over the cake with a pastry brush while the cake is still warm. Serve once the glaze has soaked in and dried a bit. Store any leftovers, well wrapped, at room temperature for several days; freeze for longer storage.

I dusted the cake with powdered sugar for a festive look!

11 comments on “Pumpkin Espresso Bundt Cake

Michele Morin on November 8, 2019 1:05 pm

Oh, this sounds as good as it looks!

lisa lombardo on November 9, 2019 12:50 pm

That looks so decadent! A perfect recipe for the holidays 🙂

Mother of 3 on November 12, 2019 11:16 pm

Oh wow, that sounds delicious and I just love your bundt pan! What a fun and festive way to serve some yummy treats. Pinned.

Nancy Wolff on November 13, 2019 1:45 am

I found my pan on sale and I am having such fun with it! 🙂

Robin on November 13, 2019 4:35 pm

Oh pumpkin espresso, sound like a delicious combination! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us at the Creative Muster. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be sharing next week. Pinning!

Michelle on November 14, 2019 4:40 pm

This sounds delicious! And it’s beautiful, too!

Marilyn on November 17, 2019 1:52 am

Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too!

Marilyn Lesniak on November 18, 2019 12:35 am

Congratulations! Your post was my feature pick at #OverTheMoon this week. Each Hostess displays their own features so be sure to visit me on Sunday evening and to see your feature! I invite you to leave more links to be shared and commented upon. Please don’t forget to add your link numbers or post title so we can be sure to visit!

Nancy Wolff on November 18, 2019 4:50 pm

thank you so much for the feature! 🙂

Kippi on November 18, 2019 2:11 am

Yum, pinned this lovely cake. I cannot wait to surprise my family with it.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Miz Helen on November 19, 2019 3:26 pm

We will love your Pumpkin Espresso Bundt Cake! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday, 457. Hope you are having a great week and come back to see us real soon!
Miz Helen

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