My garden is full of kale right now and despite the fact that we’ve been enjoying kale salad and dried kale we are not able to eat it all. So I decided to freeze some. This is a very simple process.

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Select your kale that you want to freeze. Pick early in the day so the greens are crisp and fresh. About 14 pounds of greens makes 7-quart bags.

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Small bunch of kale.

Wash the greens and cut off any of the woody stems or damaged pieces.

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Rinsed Kale

Get a large pot of boiling water ready; it should be about 2/3rds full. You will also need a large bowl full of ice and cold water.

Because the kale contains enzymes and bacteria that over time will break down and destroy nutrients and change the color, flavor and texture during storage, kale requires a brief heat treatment called blanching. Basically it means placing your kale in the boiling water  for two minutes.

greens, freezing

Blanching Kale

Then place in the ice water for two minutes.

greens, prudent pantry

Ice Bath


greens, freezing

Drain and dry kale

Use your foodsaver or a Ziploc bag. You want to get as much air out of the bag as possible.

kale, greens, freezing

Kale ready for the freezer.

That’s it! You’re done. Place your kale in the freezer and it will be ready to use this winter.

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