Sour cherries grow in Vermont but their season is very short.

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Sour cherries ready for picking

They also seem to be a fruit tree that is easily affected by the weather. As a result some years there is not any fruit produced. Our local orchard where we usually go to pick sour cherries did not have a harvest this year. Finding a local orchard that had sour cherries this summer proved to be very elusive. After calling around we found a pick your own orchard about an hour away. So five of us piled into the car and set off quite early to pick sour cherries.

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Pick Your Own

What a fun morning, the trees had a lot of fruit but it was mostly up in the tops of the trees so you really had to stretch to gather the fruit. I am thankful that I’m tall! It took a little over an hour to pick about seven pounds of cherries.

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Sour cherries

I knew exactly what I was going to make, Sour Cherry Cordial and a pie. More to come on the pie

I started making Sour Cherry Cordial several years ago and it is the perfect drink to enjoy in the middle of winter in front of the wood stove. It is the essence of summer! It is very easy to make and only requires patience, as you have to wait four months before you can enjoy it. If I make a batch now it will be ready to enjoy when the snow flies!

Sour Cherry Cordial

2 ½ pounds of sour cherries
3 cups vodka
3 cups of sugar

Put the vodka and washed, crushed cherries (without stems) in a large container.

cordial, sour cherries

Place sour cherries in a large container.

Let the cherry vodka mix sit in a cool dark place for one month. Shake occasionally.

cordial, liqueur

Cherries and vodka.

After a month, add the sugar, and let sit another month, shaking when you think of it. Strain, bottle, and age for four months.

Drink as an aperitif, or digestif, chilled or warm, in small glasses. We enjoy it over crushed ice.

liqueur, cordial

Be sure to label your bottle!

As you sip the cordial remember those warm sunny days of summer picking sour cherries in the orchard.sour cherry cordial, prudent living

cherries, cordial, prudent living

Sour cherries

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