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For some reason I have the perfect conditions to grow an aloe plant. The Aloe Vera plant is a popular houseplant with medicinal properties. The sap from the leaves has wonderful topical benefits, especially on burns and sunburns. I think I first started growing aloe plants when we lived in Florida over twenty years ago! These plants are an ideal addition to your home, and they are very easy to care for. In fact not only are they easy to care for, but propagating an aloe plant is also extremely easy.Propagating an Aloe Plant


My plant does so well that I find myself passing along baby plants to my friends. You might wonder how I do this. While you can actually grow an aloe plant from a leaf cutting it is much easier and more successful to propagate from offsets or “pups” .Propagating an Aloe Plant


Aloe vera is a succulent and as such, is related to the cactus. Cacti are fairly easy to propagate from cuttings, but aloe vera cuttings, with their high moisture content, rarely become viable plants. Rooting an aloe vera plant leaf seems like it should work, but all you will get is a rotten or shriveled leaf.


It is much easier to share this wonderful plant by removal of offsets. This is a simple process that anyone can easily do. If you look carefully at your aloe plant you will notice little aloe plants (offsets) forming off the mother plant. As a general rule the offset should be about 1/5 the size of the parent plant and should have several sets of true leaves.Propagating an Aloe Plant


When the offset is large enough remove the dirt from around the base. When you remove the offset you want to make sure it has a complete root system attached.Propagating an Aloe Plant


Plant the newly removed offset in a dry cacti-potting mix or make your own with one part potting soil and one part sand. Allow it to sit for one week and then water the soil. After this you would care for the aloe vera pup the same way you would the mother plant.Propagating an Aloe Plant


To successfully grown an aloe vera plant remember that the plant is a succulent and does well in a dry environment. They should be planted in a cactus potting soil mix and should have plenty of drainage. They do not like standing water. They also need bright light and do best in south or west facing windows.


Now you can not only grow your aloe plant successfully but you now know that propagating an aloe plant is easy and you can pass the aloe plant pups off to your friends!Propagating an Aloe Plant

6 comments on “Propagating an Aloe Plant

Janet Vinyard on February 22, 2017 8:46 pm

Hi Nancy, Thanks for these tips – I love to always have an aloe plant in my kitchen in case I burn myself! It’s nice to know they’re so easy to propagate. Blessings, Janet

Nancy Wolff on February 22, 2017 11:11 pm

Now you can give them away as gifts! 🙂

ColleenB.~Texas on February 23, 2017 9:42 am

I have a couple of Aloe plants. They are so easy to grow but have never had one bloom yet for me. Wondering if you ever had yours bloom?
Some years ago I would keep one outside and when we had a freeze I had forgotten to bring it in and it turned to mush.
Nancy; Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend.

Nancy Wolff on February 23, 2017 12:46 pm

I have Never had mine bloom, I didn’t even know they could bloom! Thanks for stoping by!

ColleenB.~Texas on February 23, 2017 3:33 pm
Nancy Wolff on February 24, 2017 2:13 am

Thanks Colleen for the link of the aloe blooms, I have never gotten my aloe to do this!

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