Moving across town can be a very different experience from moving across the country. Before making a move from one coast to another there are a few things to consider. Moving is an adventure but you also need a reliable plan. There are several things to consider when planning a move.


By starting now, before we even have a contract on our home we can make the actual moving part of our relocation go smoothly.


First of all we know where we are going. At least we know the general area. We won’t purchase a house until our current house is sold. So in the meantime we look at real estate in the area we want to move to. We talk to those we know in the area and are finding the parts of town that we would like to end up in.Planning a Move


If you’ve been reading my blog you know we are in the process of getting rid of excess stuff. A move across country is based on weight so we want to lighten the load as much as possible. We have items we want to keep, items we want to sell, stuff we want to give away and junk we just need to trash. As we go through our belongings those are the categories we divide the items into. As we pack up the clutter we pack room by room. When we eventually arrive at our destination we want to know which boxes things are in. When we’re looking for the coffee pot we want to know it is in a kitchen box!planning a move


As we sort through our belongings we try to use the one-year rule. If we haven’t used it in a year consider donating it to someone who will use it. There are a few exceptions, such as my grandparent’s turkey platter! We didn’t celebrate the holidays at home this year but I’m planning on packing that platter and taking it with us! It’s all packed and ready to go!moving


While we plan on doing the majority of the packing ourselves there are a few larger items where we will enlist the help of the movers. Professional movers know how to pack and transport a houseful of items with a minimum of breakage and fuss. The larger precious items we will let the professionals pack.planning a move


We don’t know when our move will take place as it depends on when our house will sell. However we continue to pack up the items we really don’t need but want to move. Eventually when we have a move date I will have a schedule. Time can get away from you when you are in the middle of a move, so I will want to stay organized to stay on target. There is a lot to consider when planning a move but if you can stay organized it should all go smoothly and before you know it you will be unpacking in your new home!

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