North Carolina Botanical Garden

During our recent road trip to Chapel Hill, North Carolina we had the opportunity to visit the North Carolina Botanical Garden. I love visiting botanical gardens; it gives you an opportunity to experience the local flora. North Carolina is home to an amazing rich flora, including many plant species found nowhere else in the world. Read More…

goal setting spring27

Eight Weeks and the adventure of heading west begins! Our days are packed and we have a busy month ahead with lots of company coming to visit one last time. Exciting times to be sure. Goal setting has fallen a bit by the wayside although I am pleased to have some of my goals completed! Read More…

Cauliflower Fried Rice

I’ve shared our family favorite recipe for Ham & Egg Stir Fried Rice before; recently I made basically the same recipe using cauliflower instead of rice. It was so good and quite honestly I didn’t even miss the rice! Apparently you can buy cauliflower rice in the store but I made my own using my Read More…

Farmer's Market

Recently we completed one of our goals and took a road trip to North Carolina. While visiting friends in Chapel Hill we had the opportunity to check out the local Farmer’s Market early on a Saturday morning.   The Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market is wonderful. Full of all sorts of stalls selling everything from freshly Read More…

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