Recently we completed on of our goals and took a road trip to visit friends in Virginia and North Carolina. One of the things I enjoy about staying with friends is you get to enjoy their cooking! We enjoyed some fabulous meals with wonderful company during our trip. I was lucky enough to have friends that are willing to share their delicious recipes with me. One of the recipes I came home with was for Oatmeal Pancakes. These healthy pancakes only have 3 basic ingredients; old-fashioned oats, cottage chees and an egg. The recipe makes one pancake, which is one serving. These oatmeal pancakes are delicious with maple syrup, yogurt or almond butter.Oatmeal Pancakes


Use a mini Cuisinart to mix up the batter and you’ll be enjoying these delicious oatmeal pancakes in no time. While one pancake is cooking you can be mixing up the next one. Add some chopped apple for extra taste.oatmeal pancakes with a twist


Oatmeal Pancakes with a Twist




½ cup old-fashioned oats

¼ cup cottage cheese

1 egg

1 tsp. vanilla (optional)

Cinnamon or apple pie spice to taste


Add ½ cup diced apple, cored and cubed




Add the old-fashioned oats, cottage cheese and egg to your mini Cuisinart. Blend thoroughly. Add in your vanilla and spices, if suing as well as your chopped apple.


Lightly spray your cooking surface with oil and place the batter in the pan. The batter is thick so you will need to spread it out evenly with your spatula or the bottom of a glass. It will be about ½ inch thick. Allow to cook for several minutes until the bottom is browned and the pancake will hold together. Carefully flip and cook the other side. Serve warm.Oatmeal Pancakes


Serve the Oatmeal Pancake with maple syrup, yogurt or almond butter. Perfect way to start the day.Oatmeal Pancakes

One comment on “Oatmeal Pancakes with a Twist

Jean Scholefield on July 13, 2018 6:40 pm

They sound delicious and filling. Must try soon.

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