After searching for over four months and looking at many, many houses we have finally found our next home in North Plains, OR. When we started looking for a new home we weren’t sure whether or not we would end up in Washington or Oregon. We have grown children living in both states and we decided we would look in both areas. We just didn’t think that finding a new home would take so much time.

This house was our fourth offer and after a good inspection we decided to move forward. North Plains, OR is a small town located just on the northwest outskirts of Portland. It’s about an hour to the airport, which was one of the criteria we were looking for in our next home.  The town was first platted in September 1910 when plans were made to extend United Railways there. The city has a total area of 0.90 square miles, not large by any means but very close to everything. According to the Koppen Climate Classification, North Plains has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. Quite a bit different from the Vermont climate we left behind.

The population is just over two thousand, which makes it a slightly larger town than where we lived in Vermont. However, the total area is much smaller. We will be living right in the center of the town within walking distance to the library, town hall, post office and even the community gardens! We have been told the town has a low crime rate. Many of the buildings in the downtown area have wonderful murals painted on them.

We have spent the last few weeks checking out the town websites and reading about the town plans. For such a small town we were very impressed by the community involvement opportunities. The town is slowly growing and there are a lot of new houses being built. As Portland continues to develop I think more people are moving further out from the downtown area.

Every year there is a 4thof July parade and an annual Elephant Garlic Festival. After looking around we even found a wonderful CSA in North Plains. We may not have a huge yard for our own large vegetable garden but we can support the local farmers!

After months of searching we are thrilled to have finally found our next home in North Plains, Oregon. We look forward to meeting our neighbors and exploring our new hometown!

4 comments on “North Plains, Oregon

Jean Scholefield on May 1, 2019 9:23 am

That sounds wonderful. Hope all goes well.

Nancy Wolff on May 1, 2019 2:03 pm

Thank you Jean! We are eager to get settled!

Sandra on May 1, 2019 1:37 pm

Congratulations and best wishes.

Nancy Wolff on May 1, 2019 2:03 pm

Thank you Sandra!

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