During our recent road trip to Chapel Hill, North Carolina we had the opportunity to visit the North Carolina Botanical Garden. I love visiting botanical gardens; it gives you an opportunity to experience the local flora. North Carolina is home to an amazing rich flora, including many plant species found nowhere else in the world.North Carolina Botanical Garden


The North Carolina botanical Garden cultivates more than 1,100 acres of garden and conservation areas, safeguard rare and endangered plant species from extinction, and educates new generations of plant lovers and environmental citizens.North Carolina Botanical Garden


The botanical garden is much more than just a display garden, the garden is set up with various habitats to explore. There are sandhills habitat and coastal plain habitat and even a water garden. The Sandhills Habitat  is what you would find in the rolling sandhills of eastern North Carolina. If you look carefully you can find the state tree, the longleaf pine, which boosts the longest needles of any eastern pine! There is a boardwalk to cross over to experience the Coastal Plain Habitat.North Carolina Botanical Garden You walk into the open savannas and tangled pocosin typical of the southeastern coastal plant. There is even a salamander pool which is a breeding ground for local amphibians. My favorite was the water garden, There were numerous raised  beds filled with aquatic plants all southeastern natives. the collection includes white water lines and American latch lilies as well as emergent plants like heartleaf pickelweed. I have to say I just loved the lilies.North Carolina Botanical Garden


They have a wonderful collection of carnivorous plants.North Carolina Botanical Garden


There are many trails to explore as well as the Allen Education Center. The Allen Education Center is the first state-owned building in North Carolina to earn the highest level of green building design. It house a seminar room, an auditorium as well as a gift shop and a gallery. the artwork displayed in the gallery was stunning.North Carolina Botanical Garden


The day that we visited the North Carolina Botanical Garden was a hot one. We enjoyed our time exploring the various habitats and I hope that we can return another day when the weather is cooler.North Carolina Botanical Garden

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