With our home on the market I decided that I would not be starting any seeds indoors this year. Usually in early March I am busy mixing up a batch of my seed starting mixture.potting soil, seed starting

I also have a wonderful table my husband made that just fits the two grow lights I have. I usually set it up in our kitchen in front of a west-facing window. The seeds do very well there until it is time to move them outside.grow lights, seed startingMy seed order was placed and I have received the seeds I ordered from Solstice Seeds, our local seed saver. I know these seeds which were harvested just a few towns away will do perfectly in my garden.

Real estate sales are slow in Vermont, but in case we do have a showing I decided I didn’t have to have the whole seeds starting business taking place in my kitchen. We’re trying to keep the house clean and de-cluttered!

It’s been years since I haven’t started any seeds and I will miss the early signs of spring taking place in the kitchen! I always enjoyed watching the seeds coming to life!seedlings, seed starting

Unless we have an offer on our house in the next two months I am planning to grow a vegetable garden! I have several sources to buy vegetable plants such as tomatoes and peppers. I won’t have as much choice as I would if I were starting my own seeds but I still plan to grow heirloom plants.Ripe tomatoes.Will you be planting a vegetable garden this year? Do you start your own plants or purchase plants? I miss having my seedlings in the kitchen but I look forward to the garden season which will be here before I know it!Garden all planted!

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