Before we left Vermont you may remember I took cuttings from my favorite houseplants so I could bring them with me. I also dug up a few of my favorite day lilies and a miniature Hosta which traveled with us as well. The good news is that my transplants made it!

The day lilies were given to me years go from a very dear friend. They would bloom early in the season and had the most wonderful sweet smell. I am so happy they made the journey and are growing well. It will be nice to have a small patch of day lilies in our new home to remind me of the garden I left behind.

The miniature Hosta was purchased on one of our annual nursery trips the same friend and I used to take each year. I will certainly miss exploring new nurseries each year with my dear friend. However when I look at my miniature Hosta I will remember all the good times we had.

Morning Star Perennials & Nursery

The various houseplants I moved with me have also done extremely well despite not having a bright sunny window to live in all winter. Our new home has several south facing windows so they will be happy there.

Our oldest daughter is also a lover of houseplants; I think she has over 100 in her home! She takes good care of all her plants and has given me numerous cuttings. So what started as a small collection of houseplants, which moved with us, has now grown to quite a collection of houseplants!

Moving houseplants is relatively easy or at least it was for us since we drove our car across country. It is much easier to take cuttings of your favorite plants rather than try to move large potted plants. Before moving check the rules about brining in plants from out of state. Some states are stricter than others. I’m glad that my transplants made it and our new home will be able to have a reminder of the gardens and house plants we left behind!

houseplants are packed

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