For the past two years I have been posting about my goals for the year. At the beginning of each year I would share the goals for the year ahead and as each week went by I would give an update. It was a process I found very satisfying, it kept my goals at the forefront and as a result I was more apt to complete the goals each year. Here are my goals for 2020.

1.Complete my cookbook. As you know this was one of my uncompleted goals for 2019. I actually managed to get over 400 recipes edited and moved into a word document. Now I just need to do a little more editing and add drawings or photographs and get it published. Determined to do this in 2020.

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2. Continue to make exercise a priority. Currently I am attending a low impact exercise class three times a week. I would like to add to this and find some sort of aerobic exercise to do.

3. Read 50 books this year. Last year my goal was to read 35 books and I actually read 46 books. Hopefully by moving the goal to 50 I won’t be overwhelmed. I love to read but this seems like a lot of books!

4. Complete 6 knitting or sewing projects this year. I still have a few knitting projects that need to be completed, and I have a quilt that I have been meaning to start for years!

5. Explore 10 Parks or Hiking Trails in Oregon. There are so many hiking trails to explore in this state. Last year we explored a total of 13 parks and preserves in both Washington and Oregon. This year our focus will be on exploring more of our new home state.

6. Incorporate 25 new recipes into our meals with the focus on healthy eating. This goal is five more recipes than I incorporated last year. Our yearly goal is exercise and healthy eating.

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7. Visit cousins in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon. We spent a lot of time visiting friends and immediate family this past year. This year the focus will be catching up with the distant relatives! Only 7 major goals made this year instead of 10. I still feel like it will be a good challenge to myself to complete goals for 2020

As we celebrate Christmas tomorrow and New Year’s Day next week take a moment to think about what your goals are for the New Year. They don’t have to be many, and by writing them down you may find you actually complete the goals you have set out for yourself.

“You’re never to old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.”

Christmas Eve

5 comments on “My Goals for 2020

Joanne on December 24, 2019 11:44 am

These are fabulous goals! I don’t do so well with yearly goals so this year I think I’m going to try to focus on small monthly goals; which I too plan to update on the blog each month and add/ modify as need to.

Nancy Wolff on December 24, 2019 11:45 pm

I love making goals and revising them each week, it’s been so helpful!

[email protected] on December 24, 2019 1:49 pm

Merry Christmas Nancy! laura

Sheryl on December 26, 2019 5:29 am

Lol, I have three pages of goals. I think I need to refine them a bit.

lisa lombardo on January 4, 2020 4:10 pm

Great list of goals, Nancy! I’m still working on my list of goals for 2020…I feel a little overwhelmed by all of the things I want to get done! Breaking it down like this makes it easier to plan. 🙂

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