Several weeks ago I was sent a very large box containing a Tower Garden®.

gardening, prudent living

The Tower Garden arrived in a large box!

The Tower Garden is an aeroponic growing system. This means the plants are growing in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. The directions claimed that after some quick and easy assembly I would be ready to start growing my own fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and more. The Tower Garden is designed to grow just about anything except root vegetables, grapevines, bushes, and trees.

Garden Tower®

The directions indicated easy assembly.

The only requirement is that the Tower Garden should be placed in a relatively sunny place. When we built our house we designed it as a passive solar house. The south facing wall is full of windows and two sliding doors that give us a lot of sun. This seemed like it would be a perfect place to try our experiment.

The space requirement was a three-foot square, seeing the tower set up it seemed a bit bigger. However we have made a spot in the living room, which should work. I imagine we will have to rotate the tower occasionally to give all the plants the same amount of sun.

After reading through the directions it did indeed seem like it would be a quick and easy assembly.


Tower Garden directions.

The directions had a clear diagram of the tower and easy step-by-step photographs.

gardening, prudent living

Tower Garden Growing System

I tend to work better with something I can look at rather than directions to read!


Tower Garden step-by-step directions.

Once the tower was assembled I read further about where to locate your Tower Garden. Full sun for a minimum of 5-6 hours is suggested. There should be source of water nearby. You do need an electrical outlet, as there is a pump that circulates the water inside the tower. They do suggest that having an outlet nearby is preferred over using a long extension cord. Make sure your site is level as the Tower Garden must be level to work properly.

Indoor garden

Assembled Tower Garden.

There is a lot of online support for your Tower Garden, including resources and Facebook pages. I ordered some seedlings online to get started and they should be arriving this week. Next week I will share the next step of our Tower Garden experiment!

gardening, prudent living

Tower Garden set in the sun and ready to go.

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