In taking the time to plant a garden and harvest your own food you are interested in growing what’s best for your family. Part of the reason I have an extensive garden is to know what we’re eating. I want the food to be organic and good for us. I have become more and more interested in growing heirloom seeds and learning how to save the seeds. I want to have control over what is being planted in my garden.

In an effort to learn more I recently enrolled in a Seed Saving Class, offered by Sylvia Davatz, a local seed saver. Sylvia has her own seed catalog, Solstice Seeds, where she highlights seeds from plants that have successfully grown in her Vermont garden. This class will stretch over the entire garden season. We meet in her garden once a month from May to October to address questions and issues around seed saving. Each two-hour class allows for instruction and discussion of the various topics of seed saving as well as an opportunity for questions and comments.

I can’t think of a better way to spend two hours than exploring someone else’s incredible gardens.

Solstice Seeds, seed saving

Sylvia's Garden's

Sylvia’s gardens are absolutely beautiful, very well thought out so she can space her plants to collect the seeds. As we toured the gardens Sylvia discussed overwintering biennials, and which plants are good candidates for overwintering both in the garden and in her greenhouse. We were able to view which plants were just being planted as well as which plants had made it through the winter.

spring gardens, seed saving

Well planned garden beds

There was a wonderful greenhouse set off on the edge of her property.

greenhouse, season extender


A greenhouse is a wonderful addition to the garden, especially here in Vermont where we have such a short growing season. There was spinach growing and potatoes almost ready to be harvested!

greenhouse, gardening

Potatoes about to be harvested

Numerous seedlings are waiting to be moved into the garden.

vegetable seedlings, greenhouse

Seedlings in the greenhouse.

seedlings, greenhouse

Vegetable seedlings










There is no heating source for the greenhouse and the ground never freezes! There is also a hand pump to supply water, what a wonderful idea!

water, gardening, prudent living

Hand pump in the greenhouse.

I would love to add a greenhouse to our property.

At the end of the class we gathered together and went over some important theory regarding seed saving. An important factor is to know the various types of seeds and why saving seeds is so important. I’ve discussed this before talking about the difference between heirloom and hybrid seeds for example.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Sylvia’s beautiful gardens. I am counting the days until our next class in June!

spring garden, Vermont, prudent living

Sylvia's spring garden


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