How many of you remember that I planted my potatoes in buckets this year?

gardening, potatoes

Potatoes in buckets!

The great potato experiment! This past weekend I harvested my potatoes.

harvest, potatoes

Potatoes plants

Was it a success? I did not have the five-pound yield per bucket that some folks claimed I might get but I did get about a pound of potatoes per bucket. There was a total of 15 buckets and I got just under 15 pounds of potatoes.

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Yukon gold potatoes

Not enough to feed us thought the winter but definitely worth trying again. When I’ve planted potatoes in the garden I usually have four or five rows of potatoes and end up with a wheelbarrow full! Enough to feed us all winter and then have some to re-plant in the spring.

The potatoes stayed free of bugs and were so much easier to harvest. I just picked up the bucket and dumped it in the wheelbarrow!

harvest, gardening

Harvesting potatoes

It’s also an easy way to plant different varieties. I had Idaho gold potatoes in the majority of the buckets but I planted fingerlings in three of the buckets. We ate a handful that night for dinner. They were so delicious!

potatoes, harvest

Fingerling potatoes

I will try this again next year, either in taller buckets or in wire cages. Did you grow potatoes this year? How was your harvest?


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