The gardening season may be winding down but there are still chores to be done. I need to cut back my hosts, day lilies and iris.

I also need to put the tomato cages and hoses away in the barn along with the wheelbarrows.

gardening, garden tools

Trusty wheelbarrow

Here in the northeast fall is also the time of year to plant daffodil bulbs.

flower bulbs, daffodils, gardening

Daffodil bulbs ready to plant.

Ideally you should plant your bulbs as soon as you get them. It’s nice to have a sunny day to do your planting. Often I put it off and end up planting on a cold, blustery day. This year I chose a nice sunny day to do my planting. You want to plant the bulbs when your soil can still be worked, this gives the bulbs a chance to develop roots and establish themselves before winter arrives.

The rule of thumb for planting bulbs outdoors is to set them two and a half times deeper than their diameter. For my daffodil bulbs this meant 5-6″ deep. If you want a naturalizing look to your planting, take a few bulbs in your hand, toss them gently on the ground, then plant them where they have fallen.

daffodil bulbs, bulbs, spring flowers

Gently toss your bulbs in the garden.

Dig a hole in the dirt with a trowel for each individual bulb.

daffodil bulbs, spring flowers, planting, garden

Place one bulb in each hole.

Special bulb-planting tools are available at garden centers; they make it easy to dig neat, circular holes. Place the bulb in the hole and cover with dirt. In the spring before growth or flowering begins spread a complete fertilizer over your flowerbeds. The spring rains will carry the fertilizer down into the soil.



Planting bulbs requires patience because you have to wait almost six months before you can enjoy the flowers! Patience is a good virtue to practice, it involves waiting. In our society we want things immediately, which is why so many people have debt problems! If we would learn to wait and save for something we want rather than “buy now, pay later” we would be much better off financially! Even stocking your party requires patience. A pantry does not become a well-stocked pantry overnight. It takes months of careful planning and preparation, which is a good rule to live our life by!

spring flowers, daffodils, Vermont

Daffodils everywhere

So I will be patient, the bulbs are planted and I will wait to enjoy their beauty. I will look forward to the daffodil blooms come spring.

daffodil bloms, spring flowers, bulbs

Daffodil blooms.

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness;

it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.

Gertrude Jekyll

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