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For me gardening is a labor of love. I love working in my garden and have been growing our own food for many, many years! I’ve always said it is an excellent way to save money. But is it really? To find out I would really have to keep careful track of every penny I spend over the course of the year. I would have to track the cost of the seeds I buy, any young plants I purchaser, and fertilizer.  To have an accurate figure I would also have to consider the water and electric usage and even the time I spend planting, weeding and harvesting. To calculate the rewards, I would have to monitor the amount of food we harvested as well as the cost equivalent from the local Farmers Market.

gardening, vegetables

vegetables from the garden

Keeping records is not a strong point for me, perhaps if I did these results would help me find a way to economize and improve my garden crops in the future.

If you are just beginning to garden you also have to consider all the start up costs. Besides plants you would also need tools, watering devices and many other items. Some would last for years while others would have to be purchased every year.

weeding tools

Small gardening hand tools.

With time a garden does pay off financially. Herbs will pay for themselves quickly. Eventually so will the berry bushes, fruit trees and fresh vegetables. If you preserve your harvest you will save even more money. Having a pantry and a freezer will help you to prolong the pleasure of the harvest.

Herb Garden

Herb Garden

In the end you will probably find that the benefits of a garden can’t be measured in dollars and cents. For me I enjoy the time I spend in my garden. I love having a productive hobby I can share with others. I also love filling my pantry shelves with the gardens bounty, salsas, and sauces and jams all made with the bounty I grew.

prudent living, preseving

Chunky Basil Pasta Sauce ready for the pantry.

A home garden can be an excellent component of a prudent or thrifty lifestyle. It is also a wonderful activity to engage the family. Over the winter read a few garden catalogs, pick a favorite fruit or vegetable, buy a few seeds and join the fun!

gardening, prudent living

Garden Seeds

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