It seems like just a few days ago that we picked up our baby guinea fowl (keets).

Guinea Keets


We kept them in a box in our garage for a few weeks, then moved them into a very large box with our six baby chicks and finally last week we moved them all into the barn. There they have a nice large area to enjoy. They are all very curious!

Babies in the barn!

Baby chicks (and shy keets) in the barn!

Looking at the guineas you can see they are at that awkward stage, no longer are they the cute little fuzzy chicks but they aren’t quite adults yet. Fun to see them acting like adults!

Young Guinea Fowl

Young Guinea Fowl

They are all getting along very well and although the keets aren’t quite as friendly as the chickens, they do recognize my voice and come to get a treat of millet. Can you spot the keets amidst the baby chicks?

Can you spot the baby guinea?

Can you spot the baby guinea?

My husband made a little roost for them, which they have discovered and at night you can find  them all next to each other!

Keets rousting together.

Keets roosting together.

Today we are going to fashion a little yard for them so they can enjoy the outdoors. Eventually they will be moved to our chicken coop with our seven older birds. I don’t look forward to that time as there is always a period where they determine the pecking order! We usually move the younger birds in at night but there is still a period of adjustment to go through.

My next obstacle once the birds are all together is to figure out how to let the guineas free range while keeping the chickens in their yard! Any suggestions?

The keets are growing up!

The keets are growing up!

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