You may remember my post about starting the garden tower in our living room.

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The Garden Tower

I had great visions of abundant lettuce and herbs this winter, I should have known better. First of all November and December can be very cloudy months in Vermont. Even with a full sliding door facing south the amount of sun coming in the house can be very limited. I probably should have waited until February or March when the days are sunnier.

There is a Garden Tower  Facebook page and the information there is very helpful. Numerous people recommended that I get a grow light of some sort to help my plants. The Garden Tower folks even sell a special attachment for the tower to provide your plants with adequate light.


Tower Garden Hooded Grow Lights

Unfortunately it is not in my budget.  I think the herbs will do all right and I actually picked some basil last night for a lasagna I was making.

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We made our own lasagna noodles and imbedded the basil leaves within the noodles.

prudent living, gardening

Basil Lasagna Noodles

I’ll have to share that recipe another day! I’m not quite ready to give up on the Garden Tower and I’m sure if my poor plants had sufficient light they would be doing even better. So for now I will enjoy the fresh herbs

gardening, prudent living


and hope that my lettuce continue to grow so we can consume it.

prudent living

Baby lettuce

I wonder if the folks that make the Garden Tower would be willing to send me a grow light so I could continue this experiment?

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