I have a wonderful set of plans for building a three-bin composter. The plans call for purchasing various sizes of cedar, chicken wire and various hinges to make a very nice compost bin. The plans even call for purchasing a sheet of clear corrugated fiberglass to make a cover for the whole thing. The directions must be pretty old as they claim the total price would only be $130! We like to make things with what we can find for free! Luckily close to our home is a source of free pallets. The pallets are left in a certain spot and they are free for the taking. Recently we noticed a huge pile and decided to bring a few (12) home and make our own compost bin!

composting, pallets, prudent living

Free Pallets

First we located a level spot not too far from the garden or the chicken coop. The pallets were laid in place and wired together to give us idea of the size and space needed.

compost bins, pallets

Sides wired together

The ground was them leveled in a few spots and one of the pallets was taken apart to provide scraps of wood to actually attach the sides together.

compost bin, prudent living

Using scraps to attach the sides together.

Once the sides were attached together we were ready to begin composting! If you are wondering why we like to compost go back and read my post called Why Compost? I would ask why not!

As you can see Riley approved of the final project! As the bins fill up with compost we have extra pallets on hand to make a gate across the front to hold the compost in.

composting, prudent living

Three Bin Composter

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