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When making a cross-country move I am realizing that I will not be able to pack my plants into a moving box and have the movers transport them. Plants can’t go without light, air and water for ten days so I wondered what about moving houseplants.Moving Houseplants


In the past year I have actually begun to decrease the number of houseplants I have. I found a woman on Freecycle that wanted some house plants so she took a couple. I also had a friend who asked for a cutting of my Hoya plant, instead I took a cutting and gave her the plant.moving houseplants


My beautiful bay plant I will have to give a way. I can always grow another and it’s just gotten too large to move. My plan is to pack a couple of my favorite plants and load them in the car as we will be driving cross-country again.moving houseplants, Sweet Bay


However first I will have to check that my plants can cross state lines. Many states and countries require inspections for plants and have restrictions on the types of plants that can enter their borders.


As I mentioned I already took cuttings of my Hoya plants so I will just have a very small pot to move. I plan to do the same with my aloe plant. I will just transplant a few babies and get rid of the mother plant. I do have two Christmas cactus plants that are rather special. One is from a very large plant my grandmother-in-law had. This plant was so large it sat on a dining room table and took up the whole table. I think every family member has a cutting from that plant. So like the Hoyas and the aloe I will take cuttings and start a new plant. The last remaining plant is a Christmas Cactus that was my mother’s. Luckily the plant is not that large and I plan to move the whole plant. My goal is to have a small box that these plants will fit in to. I will make room in our car and they should survive the move without any problem. Hopefully when we do make the drive cross-country it won’t be in the winter so I won’t have to worry about cold weather affecting the plants.moving houseplants


Consulting with the movers they had several suggestions for moving your plants. Three weeks before moving day, re-pot the plants into unbreakable pots the same size. Two weeks before moving prune the larger plants by pinching back new growth. This will make the plants more compact for easy handling. One week before moving take a close look at your plants and make sure there are no insects or parasites. Two days before moving water your plants normally but take care not to overwater.


The day before moving I will pack my plants in a box so that they fit securely and there is no chance they might tip over. As soon as we arrive in our new destination the plants will be promptly unpacked. It may take them a few days to recover from a cross-country move but they should all do fine in their new home!moving houseplants

6 comments on “Moving Houseplants

ColleenB.~Texas on January 18, 2017 2:26 pm

Best of luck to you on your plant move.
Sure wish I lived closer, I would had paid you for that Bay plant

Nancy Wolff on January 18, 2017 2:28 pm

I’m hoping to find a local plant lover who would like my bay plant, I love having my own fresh bay leaves!

Daisy Debs on January 18, 2017 4:09 pm

When we have moved house in the past . I,m talking about cacti ,rhypsalidopsis , sclumbergeras and epiphyllums ..I took them out of their pots, shook off the earth and wrapped them in newspaper like fish,n,chips before packing them , not too many together in a strong box . They survived a good week or two . I collect cacti and when I buy them they are always sent bare rooted , protected with scrunched newspaper . They go dormant in the cold and dark . A little more difficult with other plants though ….still try and take lots of cuttings as you are literally leaving. I dont know how long your journey is going to take ,but I took cuttings of my favourite climbing roses and pushed them into plastic water bottles about half full of water . They sat in the pocket of the car door on the long journey to the new house .
Bay is easy to propagate ….. you’re going to make a whole new herb garden at your new place ! 🙂

Nancy Wolff on January 18, 2017 4:14 pm

What wonderful advice! We do plan to drive cross country when we move, taking maybe a week or less and I use had visions of my boxes of plants, I am cutting back but can’t get rid of everything! There are some special day lilies that I am hoping I can move and will use your suggestion of knocking the dirt off and then wrapping them in paper. Of course that will depend on when we make our actual move! Never thought about propagating my bay plant, excellent idea!

Daisy Debs on January 18, 2017 4:12 pm

p.s. ooh ! I just noticed you,ve got a beautiful Rick-rack cactus !
You make sure you dont leave that one behind !

Nancy Wolff on January 18, 2017 4:17 pm

It was given to me by a dear friend and will NOT be left behind! 🙂

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