Yes, it’s real. We’ve sold our house and we’ve created a moving checklist! The days are flying by as we work, pack and get together with friends one last time before we head for the west coast. It all makes me rather breathless. By creating a moving checklist I feel a little more in control and slightly more confidant that all the bases are covered and nothing will be missed.moving checklist


The first thing I did was to create a folder to keep track of all our move related paperwork. We then interviewed three different moving companies to decide who will be the one moving our belongings across the country. We thought briefly about moving ourselves but I did not want to drive a truck and so we’ll let the professionals handle the move. We are doing the majority of the packing however. We packed ourselves before and do a good job. Six to seven weeks before your move you should have a moving company booked.moving checklist


Luckily we’ve had several friends that made recent moves and were kind enough to give us all their moving boxes. We have packed all the non-essentials such as books and pictures. We’ve also collected various packing supplies such as tape, markers and bubble wrap. After each box is wrapped I mark on a list what is in that box and number it. This should help us at the other end with unpacking.moving checklist


In the next week or so we will contact our dentist, doctors and eye doctor to get copies of our medical records. It is also possible to have the records sent directly to your new doctor once you know who they are. Usually you just need to sign a paper giving permission to have the records sent.


Four to six weeks before the move notify your insurance company. If you are buying a new home make arrangements to have your homeowner’s transferred to your new home. If you are renting a home plan to purchase renters insurance.


One month before moving be sure to notify the utility companies such as your landline, electric and propane company. Fill out a change of address card for the post office and notify any subscriptions you may get.moving checklist


Three weeks before the move use up the last food items that you don’t want to move. Plan ahead so you have nothing left in the freezer or fridge before you leave. Since we will be making a cross-country move we will also have our car serviced so it will be ready for a long drive ahead.


Two weeks before your move pack with a vengeance. Plan which items you will be transporting yourself. Do a thorough cleaning; make arrangements to have the house cleaned after the movers. Dispose of any items that can’t be moved such as cleaning materials, propane or paint.moving checklist


One week before the move confirm with the movers. Pack an essential kit for things you will need right away and plan to take those things with you. Keep all of your important documents on hand.


The day before the movers come cleanout the fridge and freezer completely. Check all cupboards and pantry shelves and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.moving checklist


On the moving day plan to work with the movers, identify the fragile items or large items right away. When you are sure that everything is accounted for sign the bill of lading. Take one final sweep to make sure nothing has been left behind and say good-bye.moving checklist


Leaving our home of twenty years is a bit overwhelming. Having a moving checklist has been a great help and has helped us with the packing and moving process. Saying goodbye to our family and friends is so hard but we’re looking forward to the adventure that awaits us on the west coast.moving checklist

5 comments on “Moving Checklist

Mary on August 13, 2018 5:11 am

I will miss reading your blog posts, fellow Vermonter, but can see why you want to be near your family!

Nancy Wolff on August 13, 2018 11:28 am

There is so much we will miss about Vermont and New England but family trumps all! 🙂

Deven Carley on August 13, 2018 12:36 pm

Nice checklist. Very helpful checklist your share with me. I am happy with your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa Lynn on August 14, 2018 12:56 pm

Congratulations on selling your house, Nancy! I hope that everything goes smoothly and you have a wonderful time in your new surroundings out west!

Nancy Wolff on August 14, 2018 7:55 pm

Lisa Lynn,
Thank you, we’re praying all goes smoothly for the next six weeks!

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