Several months ago I received a copy of the book More Food From Small Spaces by Margaret Park. Margaret has gotten so much food and pleasure from her small vegetable garden she wants to share her ideas with others.

More Food From Small Spaces

More Food From Small Spaces

Margaret Park was a lifelong gardener who moved to the city and had to reinvent her approach to growing vegetables. Today she grows more vegetables in an 8 x 24 foot patch than she used to get out of her gardens twice the size! She’s gathered her strategies, the results of years of experimentation and productive gardening in her book, More Food From small Spaces: Growing Denser, Deeper, Higher, Longer Gardens.

Park’s new book shows urban and suburban dwellers how to grow healthy, organic vegetables throughout the year in a small area by spacing plants closely, training them to grow up, not out, and sowing new crops throughout the year in very fertile soil. These are the methods that produce big yields from small spaces.

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By spacing your plants you can have a more abundant yield.

Margaret has also come up with many season extending ideas for warming up the garden in cold months and cooling it off in hot ones. More Food From Small Spaces includes complete instructions for building the portable, easy-to-assemble, easy to take apart greenhouse that she shows how to make for a cost of about $75. When the plastic cover is removed, the versatile greenhouse “bones” can be used as an extra trellising or as a summer shade house.

How To Build A Greenhouse

How To Build A Greenhouse

I have a large garden but would love to decrease the size of my garden while increasing the yield. This book gave me many ideas, which I plan to implement in my garden.

This book has many ideas I could use in my garden!

This book has many ideas I could use in my garden!

If you would like a chance to own this book for yourself enter the Rafflecopter below![hana-code-insert name=’More Food’ /]

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