After we completed our move from the east coast to the west coast I realized there were many lessons learned from moving. The most important lesson learned was to be organized. Since our move involved putting our belongings into storage while we looked for a new house it was imperative that I knew what boxes would be put into storage and what boxes we would want in our little apartment.

To solve this problem we marked all the boxes going into the apartment with red duct tape. These boxes were set aside so when the movers came to pack us up it was obvious what boxes needed to be kept separate. Even with the red duct tape we had several boxes that ended up in the storage unit that should have been in our apartment!

Make a list of what is in each box. I had a master list of all of our boxes and made a notation as to what was in each box. Ideally I would suggest making a detailed list inside each box. The more information you can put down the easier it will be when unpacking.

Unfortunately I fell short on this aspect. I did label each box with what was in the box. However sometimes I just wrote “Misc. Kitchen” or “Books”. When it came to unpacking and I would be looking for something it was not always easy to find. Remember the more information you can jot down the better it will be when it comes time to unpack.

moving checklist

If you are packing the boxes yourself make sure you wrap things well. I knew our belongings would be making a long cross-country journey and then going into storage before finally being moved to our new home. The boxes would be touched several times and stacked for both moving and storage. I made sure that everything was wrapped well and I used bubble wrap and packing peanuts for extra cushioning. As a result we have not had a single broken item in all that moving!

Lessons Learned From Moving

Before packing go through everything and take a hard look at what you are planning to move. We spent three years sorting though our belongings and getting rid of stuff. We sold things and passed items along to friends and still we ended up moving too much. This move involved downsizing so we moved into a smaller home that what we previously lived in.

Lessons Learned From Moving

Despite all the de-cluttering we did we still have items that we wonder, “Why did we move this?” Having the majority of our belongings in storage for seven months made us realize just how little we can live with.

Less is more, is probably the most important of the lessons learned from moving! We do not need all the stuff we thought we did. Yes certain items bring back wonderful memories, take a picture of the item instead of packing it and moving it. I think we’ll spend the next few years sorting through everything once again and de-cluttering.

Lessons Learned From Moving

We are thankful to once again be settled in our home. The move went well, no major issues or broken belongings. The lessons learned from moving were many and hopefully the few I shared will help you if you are making a move.

8 comments on “Lessons Learned From Moving

Katharine on June 17, 2019 3:16 pm

I hope you both will be very happy in your new home. The frontage looks lovely!

Nancy Wolff on June 17, 2019 4:21 pm

It’s a big change from life in Vermont but we are so happy and it’s wonderful to be so close to our kids and grandkids!

Nancy on June 17, 2019 7:06 pm

Good ideas! I get rid of more stuff each year

Pat Langille on June 18, 2019 3:29 pm

Yes! Thanks for sharing, all very good stuff. It’s amazing what it takes to pack well. All that packing material adds so much space, I bet we had 25-30% more boxes because of it. But, like you, it saved us breakage.

Our stuff was in storage a full 18 months, and it was like Christmas when we finally unpacked. Like you, we did a lot of weeding out and still find ourselves with an attic full of “Later”. I used a searchable app to input all the contents, with pictures a lot of the time. But of course not every single item was listed individually so there are still some things that I’m wondering where they went. We did find ourselves making trips to get stuff out of storage. Since we moved into a furnished home with a friend, we rented two storage units, one for the things we’d have put in an apartment if we’d gone that route, and a larger one with everything else. We went the opposite route, by the way: we upsized! Our old house was too tiny and we couldn’t be happier!

Your new house looks so sweet, and I’m loving your photos on FB! Mazel tov! (Autocorrect wanted that to be Mabel too!)

Nancy Wolff on June 18, 2019 4:11 pm

so glad your move went well, sounds like we had similar situations! We are loving being close to family once again and our house is large enough to have family sleep over, would love a larger eating area but that’s ok!

Jennifer Wise on June 19, 2019 3:17 am

Great lessons. They really would make moving go more smoothly.

Jennifer Smith on June 20, 2019 10:00 pm

Being organized is key to…well, just about everything:) So glad all went well. And isn’t amazing the things that we move – and then wonder “why???”

Nancy Wolff on June 21, 2019 12:55 am

I ask myself that question almost everyday! 🙂

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