Although we don’t have any chickens at the moment, keeping chickens has always been a part of our life. When our house eventually sells and we relocate buying chickens will at at the top priority. I can’t wait. I would love to have one of my goals for the Self Sufficient Challenge to be getting chickens but with the house on the market keeping chickens just doesn’t make sense.keeping chickens


Why keep chickens? Chickens provide hours of entertainment. The minute we used to drive in the driveway our chickens would all come running; curious to see if we had any treats for them. During the fall we would allow the chickens to free range, this means the chickens could pretty much go wherever they wanted to. We would often find them peering into our back door as if to say, “can we come in?”keeping chickens


Our Buff Orpingtons were so friendly; I think they enjoyed spending time with us rather than with the rest of the flock. One of my favorite pictures of my mom was taken when she was visiting one summer; one of the buffs squeezed through the fence and began to follow my mother around. Eventually my mom just sat down on the coop steps and held the little Buff, that’s all she wanted.keeping chickens


If you want some real entertainment give one of the chickens a worm, they will run around trying to quickly swallow the worm before any of the other birds can catch her. Not only are chickens entertaining but they also would supply us with beautiful fresh eggs every day! If you’re still not convinced here are 11 health benefits of eggs.keeping chickens


So if you’re looking for ways to cut your budget consider cutting the cable and getting a few chickens instead. Keeping chickens provides hours of entertainment and fresh eggs. Sounds like a deal to me!keeping chickens

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