When purchasing new office equipment it is not always easy to find exactly what you want and have it work. Often when you purchase IKEA furniture you have to resort to IKEA Hacks.

Moving from Vermont across country meant not moving all of our office furniture and file cabinets. Documents could easily be transported in light cardboard boxes. And the necessary desks, chairs, cabinets, bookcases and file cabinets could all be replaced locally. We sold and gave away two home office furnishings and found new and used items to set up new home offices in Oregon.

In researching local office furniture suppliers online I came across the term “IKEA Hacks” a few times and wondered what that was all about, but didn’t pursue it further. Then we found that IKEA did have some good solutions that were in our price range for office design and storage. We purchased the bookcases, lateral file cabinets, and shelves. Everything went together well and solved our office storage needs perfectly, until I filled my IKEA ALEX Drawer unit/drop file storage cabinet with files and tried to open the drawer!

The IKEA Alex is made for office floors that are not carpeted, as shown in their product photo. Our home offices have medium or full pile carpet that just caused too much friction! Now return the file cabinet after all that assembly? Not an option – we just needed to raise it a bit above the pile, and here is how we solved the problem.

A little time in the workshop recreated the 4 small plastic feet in wood that will raise the unit above the pile. We used ½ X ½ inch hardwood stock, a ¼ inch round dowel and some wood glue to create 4 new wooden feet. If your pile is deeper make stock dimension adjustments according to your situation.

Layout and measure the ½ inch square stock to match the small IKEA plastic feet marking for 4 copies. Drill the eight ¼ inch holes for the dowels first, then cut the ½ inch square stock. Measure the dowel stock to yield 8 one-inch pieces, and cut.

Assemble the feet using wood glue and let dry. Once dry finish to match the color of your cabinet with white or black paint.

Now you can insert these new feet in the bottom of your cabinet and have easy drawer access as it now glides over the top of your carpet.

2 comments on “IKEA Hacks

Nancy on November 7, 2019 2:07 am

Great job! You should check out my blog, I love Ikea! Here’s our new bathroom with Ikea items, we had to “hack” too, for plumbing… http://littlehomesteadinboise.blogspot.com/2019/11/bathroom-remodel-reveal.html

Nancy Wolff on November 7, 2019 4:57 pm

Once you start searching for IKEA Hacks there are so many ideas! I had no idea! 🙂

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